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  1. Hey guys long time. Recently i have been having some problems with my dad, and i talked to my friends about it and they just looked at me and didn't really know what to say. So i know i could come to the city for advice with my problem so i am letting my heart to you.

    Currently i am 20 years old, living with my dad, and my step mom... Now for the story. Three years ago my father lost his mother, and about a week later he became a religious man. Personally i look at it as him loosing someone very special to him, and he is going threw his whole mid life crisis and becoming religious was basically an opiate to his pain. Now i have no problem with this, it is his life he can do as he pleases, but the problem is he is trying to get me involved into all this. Now your probably thinking that i am an adult if this is the case i can just get up and go if i am not comfortable with this.... there is a catch, right back when he was going threw his mid life crisis he started to get very depressed and he came to me for help, he owns a very successful business and he told me he wanted me to inherent it and he told me he feels like he is getting very old and he wants me to start learning the business now. I look back at it now and see how stupid i was but at the time I was getting sick of school so i agreed. Now i am a high school drop out and basically all i have is this. So went along for the ride kinda just showing a fake face to all the religious places he drags me into, meanwhile he knows i don't believe in being religious. So yesterday i snapped after a couple of things he told me, we had the cops here and everything.... So the next day we had a civilized talk, and he started feeding me this religious bullshit, and him trying to explain to me why i did what i did yesterday and him telling me people are jealous of me so it made me snap (i don't know don't ask me). I told him that i totally disagree with what he was saying then he started comparing humans to animals, so i started telling him I believe humans are only separated by animals because we have means of verbal and written communication and we can learn from each other from that and we can pass on what generations before us have learned through writing. He then went on telling me i am a drug addict (i haven't smoked for 1 month), started telling me i am on the verge of becoming an alcoholic (and i only drink when i am out parting with girls), and started telling me a am a nicotine addict (which i am but he smokes to so go figure).

    I am sick of living with my step mom, I hate the rich snobs in my town.... I have no idea where to turn to.
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  3. Save up some cash and move to a new city. It seems like you need a change of scenery more than anything else. It's nice to see you back at the City, good luck.
  4. i'm kinda in the same boat as you bro you could say almost.. i could go on and on how my stepmom preaches to me everyday about how smoking pot is the devil and how its easier for 'spirits' to take control of your body if your high (WTF?!?!), shes an attention whore, and goes insane if she doesn't get what she wants. best advice i can give to you is just to save up and move to a new city, thats what i'm in the process of doing myself right now..
  5. ive been goin out with this girl i met for like 3 weeks, and shes cool as fuck (fine as hell, laid back, and smokes down). i dont think she knows im an atheist though. it hadnt really occured to me until i read this thread, i wonder what she would think.
  6. is that second post budder?

    Why is posted in this thread, and why is it so god damn big.

  7. looks like some rocks to me.
  8. It's just a joke of poor taste.

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