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My very own highary!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DToker420, May 5, 2011.

  1. Date: May 5, 2011
    Chill Out Day/ R.I.P. Christmas tree

    Looking forward to my day today, hanging out with some of my good friends after we get outta school today for a big sesh at our weekly meeting spot in the woods. Ok now I gotta describe this spot in the woods; well basically there are two spots next to eachother; but anyways, our main spot is this pretty decent sized clearing behind the town library. This place is pretty amazing cuz there are rocks all over the place that make really good seats(despite the pants that we found on them once :/). The other spot we have is another clearing about 50 ft away in the middle of...a grove? that what you call it? Anyway it's in the middle of a ton of these small trees that provide excellent coverage from any prying eyes. Also, in the middle of the clearing is this small "Christmas tree" that we all stand in a circle around. Now, the only reason why this is called the Christmas tree is mostly related to the time of year we found this spot. Basically there was a foot of snow on the ground and we decided to go exploring so we went through the trees into the great beyond. From there we found the clearing *cue angelic chorus*. It was perfect for our smoking needs. Then we noticed a very small pine in the center of the baked as we were we just were like "hey that's a Christmas tree!" and the name stuck ever since. So, we're going to be visiting this spot later in the day and I will continue this entry just as soon as I'm done toking and/or during my time toking... ... Ok sooo not gonna lie I'm pretty baked right now, sooo the rest of this post may be...quite different. Ok so as soon as school gets out we head to my car and grab all the shit out of it. Once we're done with all that we start to walk to our usual spot, takes about five minutes to get there, we're just chilling and talking along the way. Ok so we get there and we see that our fucking Christmas tree has been bent over!! The tree is laying there on the ground all depressing n shit...I'll get back to you about this... Ok so we start to make the preparations for our afternoons toke. We get two bowls in about a minute and quickly going in opposite rotations. After a pretty short amount of time we are all pretty high and are all just talking and laughing...uncontrollably laughing...and then we notice it...our tree is dead! It's incredibly saddening to see our tree laying there...soo we begin to "revive" let me try to paint a picture for you. Here me and two friends are, were almost kneeling on the ground, hands shaped like triangles, and were shaking our hands upward..then, my other friend begins to pick the tree up slowly from the ground. This was amazingly hilarious to me and also felt like it was a pretty bonding experience. This whole time my other friend is standing off to the side geeking out just watching us. Haha by the time we stand up were bursting with laughter...and I mean bursting... Shit felt like I was gonna explode!
    Anyways right now I'm sitting in my car listening to some tunes and typing out all of this on my iPod for you, my amazing audience! Damn I gotta say that I am definitely getting shit done on this entry! I mean I just wrote like a novel! Feels pretty great guys!
    Alright so I'm about finished with telling today's little adventure so imma log off for now. Hope you guys liked the beginning to what i hope to be a great journey. By the way, in future entries I might tell some stories from the pretty recent past that I think would be really good to tell.
    end entry, 1

    Edit: also I would like to thank ixbeachbumxi...or whatever it is...for giving me the idea to make my highary! Oh if you haven't heard of him go search "high times with Joe". It really is a good read. Oh and also, I'm gonna try to post a picture of the dead tree later as a kind of memorial.
    R.I.P. Christmas tree
  2. hahahaha i laughed the whole time
    it makes me miss the times i had with my sesh circle, but

    we all got older haha, no more of that.
  3. Inspiring story, I love those little things which you really connect with in your secret places and just in general I guess, they make the moment always so special! :)

    Really sorry to hear about the christmas tree though man, I would have been devastated! :(
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    Haha yaaa it was a very sad day
  5. Ok going to get Mexican food tonight for cinco de mayo! Amazing haha :D
  6. I hate to bump my own thread but here it is. I just realized that this thread belongs in real life stories -_-
  7. TIP:
    Split the fucking wall of text up.
  8. #8 DToker420, May 5, 2011
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    It was split up in my iPod notes but somehow it switched when a copied it to post it
  9. paragraphs man, paragraphs.
  10. Entry 2,
    The Beginning
    So, I noticed that most higharies begin with, well, with the beginning. So without further ado, I present to you the beginning of a new age for me.
    Ok, so I began smoking last summer kinda towards the very end of it in august. Prior to this day I had been fairly curious of the topic of marijuana. I really had mixed feelings about it but the biggest feeling was anxiety. I really wanted to know what all the talk was about...
    So this night I believe the 6th of august I was chilling with my friend Cory and late at night we get a text from my cousin asking us to get some bud and come chill with her(keep in mind that this is at about 1am). So, we actually go out and find some bud then go to my uncles house which isn't all that far away from my own.
    So me and my friend get there and were just chilling out in a graveyard nearby while we wait for her and her friend to sneak out of the house(when they finally do we can hear them from a mile away...surprised they even got out of their yard..). Anyways as soon as they get out we find a seat on the pavement and Cory begins to roll up 2 blunts(very amateurish at it. Very shitty rolling job+no filter whatsoever)
    Ok so we begin to smoke and I'm just thinking to myself, "wow this is alot smoother than smoking cigs!" at this exact moment my cousins stupid bitch of a friend(I believe Emily was her name) shoves a cigarette into my mouth saying it will make the high so much better. I gotta say that it did give me a little more of a headrush but made me cough way too much for my liking.
    So were finally done toking and i look at the time and it's about 2:30 at that point but I'm not feeling tired at all(I'm usually a pretty early sleeper).
    We all then go for a walk around the lake they live by. Veryyy peaceful. Except for the dumb bitch who keeps getting paranoid saying that every car that passes is the same white truck and that someone is gonna attack us...such an annoying girl...
    But anyway for my first time I didnt really feel much just a little happier but i liked what I saw in this new world. Needless to say this would lead to a long smoking career with many twists and turns.
    Hah did you like that cliffhanger? Ya drawing you guys in. You're all interested now huh?
    Anyways I'm out for tonight...early day tomorrow but might have some more material for you by the end of the day.
    End entry, 2

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