My Very First Grow (up in a tree)

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  1. This is my first serious grow (aka I want this to be successful and come to harvest). I am a total newb with growing, so I'm hoping you guys will be willing to help me along, from now to harvest.

    I started this off... I dunno how long ago, but it's just a beautiful baby plant right now. However, it is growing under a lamp under my bathroom sink, and this obviously will not do.

    Earlier today I put a pot full of good soil up high in a mango tree near my yard (I'll upload pics tomorrow, or whenever it's decided I should move it outside). Here's the advice I need right now:

    Should I transfer it to the bigger pot now? Will letting the roots grow a bit more help or would it be alright to just put it in the big pot?

    Will it be okay outside? I don't want it to die, and I've had problems with bugs eating small plants I've sprouted before (any easy to make bug replants? I also have a bottle of some stuff, safe for fruits and vegetables, but would it be safe for bud?). Also, I want it out of my house ASAP.

    This is only the first of a batch I'm growing. I'm getting more seeds tomorrow, and I'm gonna sprout and grow those as well. I'm wondering how many I should grow altogether (I can afford a decent number, but I want not too many to manage), seeing as it'll be from seeds I have no idea whether they'll come up mail or female.

    I'm also wondering what kind of yield I'll be looking at (average), and how long it'll take. I live in Hawaii, FYI.

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    Lol i wanna try to grow in a tree sometime, seems like a good idea, good sun and keeps it away from critters ( well most :S).

    Im not an expert, but its still pretty small and that pot can support its roots for a good more while, let it grow its roots out a little (get maybe a foot and half) then it will hold that soil together better when you transplant it.

    For bugs, if you got slugs, you can use a copper or ring around the base of the plant, they wont cross it. Or use beer or maybe a thick ring of salt around it (not in your soil).

    For most other pests you can use some sort of soap and water concoction that should take care of it. Depends on the bug though, but if you get a problem, search for a good remedy for that particular pest.

    As far as your yields, it depends on the strain, how well its cared for, and if you train it.

    Its a suprise!;):hello:

    Oh yeah, and if your in hawaii, you got lots of delicious light for it, so your probably looking at great yields if you grow it right :)

    Also, do get it outside as soon as possible for real sunlight. Just keep an eye on it and put it in a safe spot in these vulnerable stages of its life.
  3. Alright, I'll keep it in that pot for a while longer. Gonna take it outside tomorrow, to get it in some sun. I just hope nothing gets to it...

    Strain? No idea. Got it in a bag of some good stuff, but then almost everything here in Hawaii is good (believe me, it's very rare I come across low or mid quality buds). The other seeds are also bag seeds, so it's a total surprise.

    I'll care for it and train it as good as I possibly can (per your guys advice, of course).

    The tree is a nice huge mango tree, 50' tall at least, and I'm only a couple feet below the top of the highest branch (facing north/west). My only main concern is helicopters, but I think I got it trimmed right to let in a good amount of light while still being concealed.

    I'll make a soapy water mix and spray it on the plant tomorrow when I put it outside, and then I'll worry the whole night through (I've woken up to discover a plant about 3" tall totally eaten before, but then, that was on the ground).
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    Got any wire or fishing string you can make a barrier with? Think protection. Pee near it, could save your plant.


    A good recipe for some easy insect repellent.

    Also, you only want it to be getting that light in the day time. Not much of a reason for it to be out at night. For now in its small stages, you can bring it in at night and keep it out in the day time. :D
  5. You MUST take pics of the plant before you harves, i can see it now, a huge pot plant growing in a fuckin mango tree:hello:
  6. Well, I put her (I hope) up in the tree this morning, with a lite spray of soapy water. Pics are attached, and don't even bother to try finding it in the large one, it's near impossible to see from the ground.

    That repellent mixture seems fairly easy to make, I'll try it sometime in the next few days.

    Don't worry, I'll bring pics of the whole escapade, as I'm nearly certain I'll need your guys input.

    Yeah, I could bring her down at night, but it'd be a hell of a hassle. If you guys feel it's necessary for her survival though, I definitely can. I just fear going to sleep, and her being totally devoured when I wake up.

    Also, I won't be getting the rest of my seeds until tomorrow, so I could spend today working on more platforms, but I don't think they'll be required until at least a week or two after getting the other seeds. Oh well, I get one plant with a slightly earlier harvest; yay!

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  7. Looks good, love the innovation, + Rep for originality

  8. Great idea, Now you have me thinking, about the trees, in my back yard. Awesome man. Thanks ( for the tip )
  9. Yeah guys, thanks. I searched all over online, but only found one other grow in a tree, and it was a 75' pine tree. I remember I searched about a year ago and nothing. I guess if I want something done, I'd better start it out.

    You can't even see the thing from halfway up the tree, and there is only one point on the ground where it can be seen, but you really gotta be looking for it, and people don't come by too often.

    My only fear is helicopters, which is why it's not in total sun.
  10. I wouldnt worry about helicopters yet. They arent gonna see your sprout :p.

    But damn, you got a nice area there for growing it seems. Good luck.
  11. They are going to be looking at the ground, not the tree tops. I think you have a great idea. +rep
  12. Where there is a will, there is a way. Watering will be a problem for you.
  13. I'll show you what's exhausting. Look at the new pics I uploaded. I think this will be my final growing platform, with room for 5 plants, enough water for a few weeks (so I don't gotta always be bringing water up), some bug spray, some trimming tools, and whatever else I may need. I think those are 2 gallon pots, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows, lemme know. Also, do you think I can get a decent sized plant in those pots? I don't want them to be too small, but then I can't afford giants up there.

    It's supposed to rain tonight, do you guys think it's safe out there? If not I can bring it in, but damn, it feels like I climbed the damn tree 100 times already, what with the soil and water and pots and big metal thing.

    I get some sprouted seeds Tuesday if my friend comes through. Can I put them straight into the large pots, or do I have to do it from pot to pot?

    One last question in addition to the ones above: is there any chance of harvest by 420?

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  14. People talk about this more than they actually try it, but I think at least one person per year tries on one of these forums. I've never seen a harvest--but that doesn't mean they didn't get one. They were probably just so fucking tired from all that hard labor that they couldn't summon the energy to post.;)
  15. Maybe try some sort of pulley system so you can lower it to water?
  16. I think the easiest pulley system I could do is one that brings the water up, not the plants down.

    Anyone wanna take a shot at some of the questions I've asked? Also, it's just after four here, so only a few more hours of daylight; if I'm going to bring it in for the night, soon would be the time. I do hope it's good enough to survive outside now though.
  17. Interesting, I like how you thought outside the "box".
  18. Well, sun is setting now, I'd say another 45 minutes of light at the most. Can't wait to check on it tomorrow, see how it did.
  19. [​IMG]

    i keep quite about my activities but iam grad som1 else is on my "level":hello:
    make sure to stake ur plants up really good cuz when they bud they get heavy and will slpit your main stem killing ur plant.. i was lucky as it happened about 3 days be4 i planned on harvesting
  20. I'll stake em', definately. I've been thinking of LST to keep them from getting too big after a few months, as I don't want them just sticking out.

    But alas, nothing more can be done now. I'm nervous for tomorrow morning... hopefully all worked out well for the little thing.

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