my very beginner glass collection

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  1. so ive been collecting glass since my ex got me into smoking a few years ago. sadly this is all i got so far.
    first pic shows my lil bubbler metal pipe, triangle dry pipe, sour devil bowl piece, worked candycane bowl, (all in my homemade bowl display lol).
    the second shows my first piece my green label roor, and the last shows my orphan that my friend gave me cause hes "over" smoking. i have a salt worked tube coming in from *** pretty soon!!!!!!!

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  2. Nice little collection. Awesome that the Salt tube is coming in; do you have any idea when it'll be in your hands?
  3. :smoking:I wanna see the Salt tube when it comes in!!:smoking:
  4. i will be the babys owner in three weeks!!!!! cant wait. i LOVE salts work, and creep, and ghost lol.
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    Awesome, and cool collection. What kind of tube you getting? A salt tiny tube, or a collab, or?
  6. i believe it was just a salt tube, had a very gruesome blue face thing worked on it. and im a girl thank you very much lol
  7. Some nice looking glass queenkush! I recently just got a Red Label beaker bottom ROOR too, hits pretty nice huh?

    EDIT: hahaha love that dragon?red monster? bowl you've got

  8. my mistake, fixed. :p

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