My Ventilation System *Pics*

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  1. I thought I'd share my ventilation system since I was referring to it in another post. I used 6" ducting for the system. Cut a hole in my spare bedroom for my fresh air intake and fitting a grill to the vent can on the other side. I used a small piece of duct inside the room for the fresh air, partially because there used to be a fresh air fan (until I turned it into my exhaust fan) attached to it, and I like knowing fresh air is being dropped right on my plants.

    I then built a DIY Carbon Scrubber, which you can see resting on my closet rack. This connects to my sealed air cooled reflector for my 400W MH/HPS. Then a piece of 6" duct bend around, down the corner of the wall to a modified Floor Fan I fixed a 6" collar to on one side and taped off the other side (Thanks to MarGreenThumb ;)). Then I was able to bend 6" duct around the outlet of the fan which I fastened with lots and lots of duct tape. This duct leads to a vent can which blows into a room that is naturally hot in my home anyways. Once again I put the hole in an inconspicuous place underneath a table with a nice grill attached to it :)

    Having worked in HVAC for a few years, I know the value of securing and sealing duct work to vent cans, so I used Mastic air duct sealant on all connections, and used 2 HVAC zip ties on each connection, 1 on the black duct, and 1 to hold the silver insulation snug against the can.

    Comments, questions, and feedback are welcome!

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  2. thanks for the advice man but i ive in an apartment, i dont think they would appreciate the holes in the wall but i think i should still vent my hood like you have done. we have the same little massey fan from wal-mart! haha
  3. I live in an apartment as well. I just saved the 4 pieces of drywall I cut out and when I get ready to move, I'll use some drywall tape and mud, a few layers of mud should do the trick then sand it down, good as new ;-)
  4. when i first started reading the thread, after you mentioning duct tape i was about to point out that foil tape is superior. but then seeing you used mastic i was impressed lol, nicely done:D
  5. Thanks :) Foil tape is superior, but shitty to work with and more expensive, and I had duct tape lying around ;-)

    Btw- That's a Lasko high velocity floor fan I have on my exhaust.

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