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    What vegetables can be grown with weed plants... My garden has absolutely nothing in it yet. I was planning to plant everything at once but I need to know what vegetables won't kill my plant and vegetables that will give good cover as well. I am not worried about the smell because all my neighbors smoke. I just need to hide the plants from a birds eye view as well as ground coverage too.. Has anyone done this before (I'm sure I'm not the first to try this) any help is appreciated thanks!

    Thiis also my first time growing plants... My mom is helping me grow them as she knows how to tend them however she isn't home all the time and I'd like some pointers to grow nice plants.

    (I have about 15 plants... All of which are
    already sprouted and out of the ground with leaves, they are about 2 weeks old and I've been giving them fish emulsion... My garden is gonna be 13ftx5ft, I have ashes from burnt wood, fresh horse manure, and fresh soil on top is there anything else I can use to nourish my garden? I am going o start throwing peels of fruits and vegetables in as well...)
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    :hello:theres lots of organic supplements 4 soil...bone meal,blood meal,kelp,cottonseed meal,worm castings,mushroom compost,rock powder,bird & bat guano's...etc...CAUTION...fresh horse manure is NOT recomended because it can be very hot(high nitrogen) i would get aged manure (composted is best).$1,a bag at lowes, home depot, wal-mart,..etc ...growing with most veggies is ok...tomatoes,green beans, cucumbers, tomatillos, chaote, grapes ...etc can all be grown on trellises vertically 4 screening or horizontally to provide overhead cover or shade.also topping,f.i.m.'ing, training horizontaly,supercropping,l.s.t.'ing,planting at 45 degree angle(pointing south)are all good 4 altering the classic cannabis profile or shape as seen from air,w/the added benifits inherent to each method.also u can get shade cloth that lets through 95% of the suns light(u can get heavy'r for extremely hot & sunny climates)but u can't see through from last thing,dont put your banana peels directly into your garden soil.grind it up with food scraps(no meat) plant clippings, etc.. in blender & add to wormbed or compost pile(i like to fish so i use the worms)this will result in compost that can be top dressed in later or put into potted plants(the worms too) with more stuff actually available to the plants...hope this answers most of your Q's..
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    The horse manure is now a few days old... Do weed plants require nitrogen to grow? For example, I was going to refrain from growing corn because it sucks up all the nitrogen in the soil... However, corn would be an awesome cover... I also forgot to ask if there is a way to kind of cover the smell? For example, would Mint, Basil, Parsley, etc provide strong enough odors to mask the scent of the weed plants? Also what could I do for higher THC content?

    My last question is: Is there a way to tell which are Male and which are Female plants while they are two weeks old or do I have to just wait it out and see then separate them. And how far apart do male and female plants have to be? Can I have them in the same garden at opposite ends? Or should I put one gender in the garden and the other gender somewhere else? And which plant contains the seeds and which one produces the bud???
  4. you should read up on these forums, all of your questions can be answered.
  5. lavender will help provide good smell cover. tomatoes will provide good visual cover...and you can buy some (tomatoes) ready to be put in the ground at HD or Lowe's for next to nothing
  6. The females make the buds that you want, and they also produce seeds in the presense of a male. The males are only good for pollinating the females if you want to make seed. Since you dont want seed, but instead you want seedless bud, you take the males out completely, throw them in the compost heap if you have one.

    Sometimes plants will show sex before they flower, however even with those they dont usually show at two weeks. You usually have to wait until they flower to know.
  7. grow tomatoes. they require almost the same nutrient balance as mj, and theyll grow tall as fuck if you want them to, without blocking the sun to your plants.
  8. 13'x5' doesn't sound big enough for 15 cannabis plants and vegetables. Once summer weather hits your weed plants will explode in size. Good luck hiding them.

    I'd lose the fish emulsion. It has been defined in several threads here as inefficient due to the heat extraction process and heavy metal content.
  9. :hello:i learned about fish emulsion32 years ago from an older hawiian grower.i have had nothing but spectacular results.if you believe everyone has the same ability to grow ,why do different people get different results using same methods & nutes....human errors's also available in organic, cold process.if used properly it's almost impossible to burn even young plants.:wave:
  10. It is available as an organic, cold process product. I suggested not using the hot process emulsion due to shortcomings in benefits and, in an organic forum, the hot process emulsion no longer being accepted as an organic product suitable for food production. Which means I don't care to smoke it.
  11. Emulsion is crap use the Hydrolyzed Fish Fert I picked some up off ebay. Someone had a link in one of the posts to the specific item. Forgot who it was but thanks!!! Just use some on my ferns as they were looking like they needed some perking up.
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    Madodah is spot on with his post on fish emulsions. Benefits of Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer is a short article that explains the difference between the 2 processes. The main reason we like the hydroysates over the emulsions is that the enzymes, vitamins, hormones and amino acids are left undisturbed in the processing.

    The heat processed fish emulsions, while having an N-P-K value, are lacking in these substances. I, personally stay away from the "Alaska" brand, which is an emulsion.

    The best deal I've found on fish hydrolysates is @ The Organic Store, an Ebay seller. (Might be the one Richard Dean used)

    Throwing peels of fruits and veggies into your garden is not the best use of them. You'd be better served by creating a compost pile/bin or even a worm composter. The worms will take most all of your organic debris (except meat and dairy) and transform it into the best thing going for an organic garden IMHO.

    Again, I'd have to defer to madodah with the size of your plot. Outdoor plants can really get huge. you'd need some fruit trees to cover some outdoor plants:D
  13. Chunk, I did actually get it from that ebay vendor. It is great stuff for sure can't wait to use it in my compost tea to use on my outdoor plants that are vegging quite well already but could definitely benefit from a biological boost. ;) Funny you mentioned worm composting as i just built a worm bin, just waiting on my 1000 red worms that should be here around wed-fri. Got tons of scraps ready for them to devoure once they have settled in. ;) Good treat for my cichlids once a week I would say as well as a constant source of the best fertilizer/soil conditioner in the world.
  14. Hi RD....

    Yeah, that store has some great organic stuff, especially for your teas. But since you mentioned your should consider using your aquarium water when it's time for a water change, especially during veg.

    I hear there is some decent nitrogen available in aquarium water, read it on a thread here, but I'm not 100% on the details.

    That's great you've built yourself a worm bin, nothing like self sufficiency and fresh castings are the way to go.

    I'm able to buy fresh castings from a local worm I'm limited on space, but at least I don't have to buy bagged castings.

    A lot of the bagged castings come from Canada, and the worms are fed scrap newspaper and cardboard. I really think that worm casts from worms that are fed organic debris other than paper products are going to produce more microbe rich castings.

    Take care bro,


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