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My "vegetable garden"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GoinCrzyWanaCom, May 26, 2010.

  1. What vegetables can be grown with weed plants... My garden has absolutely nothing in it yet. I was planning to plant everything at once but I need to know what vegetables won't kill my plant and vegetables that will give good cover as well. I am not worried about the smell because all my neighbors smoke. I just need to hide the plant from a birds eye view as well as ground coverage too.. Has anyone done this before (I'm sure I'm not the first to try this) any help is appreciated thanks!

    This is also my first plant... My mom is helping me grow it as she knows how to tend them however she isn't home all the time and I'd like some pointers to grow a nice plant.

    Thanks again!!!
  2. Cannabis grows well in corn and hops, and both of these provide very good cover if you're looking to avoid detection.
  3. you might wanna go to the growers forum for more help..this is the Apprentice Tokers.
  4. make sure whatever you pick for veggies, that it doesnt over grow or outgrow (too quickly) your pot plants.Tomato plants would work as well, and have a sorta similar set up, compared with corn that is.
  5. don't use corn it's a very heavy feeder & willcompete w/your plants.hops has almost identical requirements to cannabis & grows on trellisess's i posted full response in the other thread u started with same Q's:wave:
  6. As someone else already said, corn is bad. I suggest large tomato plants. They are of similar shape (as long as your plants don't get too big) and kinda looks similar from an areal view.
  7. what type of grass are you growing?

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