my "vacation" to jamaica

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by crzypsycho757, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. For christmas i bought myself a brand new blue and red speed boat, and ive only taken a few rides along the coast here in miami so i decided to take it for a trip. so i got my GPS and my stash and headed down to jamaica. I was there before i knew it so I walked around a while till i found this rasta man chillin on the beach. he told me about these nice buds he came across, one puff and your unbelevably high. so i tried some out and this guy was right so i stashed as much as could in my boat and headed home. Right now im in a very happy place and this stuff is gonna last me a while.
  2. ha i went on a cruise with the fam to jamaica, and when i got some alone time, i walked down the streets and everyone was all "1 G for sale! 2G's $3" i was like "omg i'm in heaven..."
  3. he means 15" tall thats why he was with his parents... You cant let a fucking person that tall go to jamaica by themselves.

  4. howd you get any with ur family hangin around?
  5. haha are you serious man? did you even read the quote..

    when i got some alone time.

    as in, he was alone, no family ;)

    ahhhh, now i understand :D

    hahaha, weeeeeeeeeeed!!!!

  6. ahahahaha such a good call right there

  7. yeah poor migit.. i feel for the short people........... :D ROFLMAO
  8. crzypsycho757

    You one lucky mother fucker.

    If you don't mind me asking what age are you?
  9. wow...that is cool as hell....
  10. This thread doesnt even make sense anymore.
    But its still cool. What happened to the really uhh.... short kid? did somebody step on him?
    I bet it was highgirly, she never looks were she's going when she's stoned.
  11. i'm 18 as of last week =)

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