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    I may do that if i build up the energy to get a couple more pots and soil and everything lol
    Do you/anyone know if reusing soil is okay or not? If I need new soil anyway I may as well spend $5 on new pots and soil
    Yes pls do im curious as to how big my babies will get i don't want to burn them hah
    Edit - Well, at least not burn them YET  :bongin:

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    Day 24 and 23 - Are they under-watered or over-watered? I would guess under since they were dry this morning.. thoughts?? I just gave them more H2O as I am pretty sure it is under watering. 
    Also, the canoeing of the leaves is most likely due to a pH problem, probably my last feeding which was a couple days ago, and then minimal water to follow up.
    From now on I will feed less often and water in bigger amounts
  3. 3 hours after water - Looking fine.
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    8 in total from picture of under-watered plant - I gave even more water a couple hours ago:
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    Day 25 and 24
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    Alright, so i'm pretty sure one of my tops topped again.. check this shit out
    Now I have 3 tops I guess :)
    The original top that happened manually. 
    What a sweet suprise
  7. Day 26 and 25 - Nodes on right plant alternating, and 3 tops on left plant still seem strong
  8. Day 27 - Thinking about flowering in 3 days. Nodes are alternating and pre-flowers are being made
  9. Plants 9 and 8 inches from left to right, and now only 1' from lights
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    Just flipped to 12/12 at 10 inches tall. But within those mere 10 inches, the very first top is split at around the 1 inch mark, so the top 9 inches are all the main colas.
    Also, Nodes are alternating and pre-flowering has occurred.
    I would have waited another week or two, but I want to fit in a 2nd grow before my apartment lease is over in august.
  11. - Flower Day 1 - 
  12. Ahhh, they grow up so fast. First they're seedlings, next thing you know, they're off being sold in colleges as buds.  :cry:
    Hahaha sold in college as buds
    Once out of the house though, as a parent, I will finally be able to have some Me time and enjoy life!  :bongin:
  14. Excuse the lack of update. I read online that plants like a lot of food in early flowering, and now they have "the claw" from too much nitrogen  :rolleyes:
    Will post pics once healthy again
    In the meantime -

  15. Looking good mate, it seems we have a very similar grow area, mine is apprx 3" x 1.5" x 6" I am also growing 3 plants (although u only have two now "sad face") I am running hydro tho and have just used LST from the beginning with a scrog, u shud have a look at mine for ideas for ur next grow. Following.
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    Hydro interests me for sure as I am seeming to have some watering problems with soil. LST and scrog very ambitious a bit over my head for now but ill def check out your grow for my second batch 
    Update: Flower Day 3 - My plants are over-watered, but only because I am trying to rid them of excess nitrogen that may be the reason for the claw. I flushed them real well last night and do not plan on watering until the bitches are bone dry. They grew from 10 inches to 13+ in the past three days so I am not too too worried.. here they are!
  17. Flower day 5 - both plants 15+ inches (grew 7 and 5 inches since flower)
  18. Flower day 7 - 17.5 inches
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    Plants look good so far however I like to veg my plant to another 2-3 ft before I flip to flower. A few week or so out from harvest you will be able to start seed. They can germinate and start in a window seeing you should receive enough sunlight. Or you can place in the tent for 12 hrs plus time in the window. The longer you can veg the next batch the larger the yield. Good luck.
  20. Thanks man - I think I will do the window sill and solo cup method as my last buds will most likely be drying in the tent and i didn't know only 12 hours will be fine for seeds..I kept mine on 24/7 and my electric company loved it..
    Tops of the flowers - Flower day 8 - 
    5 Main Colas! Got some 2-7-2 Dr. Earth Golden Bloom on the way  :metal:

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