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    Personally I'd wait another week and a half or so.. 

    How long do the plants need after cropping to recover or whatever? Could I crop in a week and flower the following week?
    Don't take this the wrong way but I think you are trying to rush your grow..
    If this was my grow I would veg for another 3 weeks minimum... More tops longer growth period means more buds + more potent  Plus you can take clones yadda yadda yadda
    And when it comes to flowering 8 weeks is a minimum and up to 12weeks I would suggest maybe even going longer than 8 weeks but that all depends on strain of plant. A lot of the plants weight comes in at the last 2 weeks of flowering.
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    I just do not want my plants getting too tall because my space is only 5ft high not counting the light and the distance it needs to be away from the plant..
    I guess I'll crop a week before flowering and hope for the best
     You could make a good Scrog and letting the screen fill up by Topping+ super Cropping 
    Don't think you would have any problems but to each his own my friend
    Oh i see the screen method and such. I think that is a bit over my head for now but once I get a bigger space I will most definately use that strat.
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    Still day 16, 15 and 13, but a lot of growth on the topped plants! Now exactly 3 and 2 days since top.
  8. Day 17, 16 and 14 - Good growth 
  9. Day 19, 18 ad 16 since sprout 
  10. Should I just kill the small one? If I force flower in 1-2 weeks, would I even get any bud off that thing?
  11. Oh cool, you're growing! Nice. I'm going to sneak a peek here every now and then.
  12. Day 21, 20 and 18 since sprout - Strong stem and bushy plants
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    A week of two from 12/12.. Just pulled the malnourished plant out because it was annoying the fuck out of me to see it not grow an inch the past week due to nute burn. Even if it did grow, it wouldn't have been a sufficient height for flower time.
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    Day 22 and 21 - Tops working on 3rd node
    Stems are starting to have a distinct sweet smell as soon as I open the tent
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    Day 23 and 22 - 6 and 5 inches
    Forcing flower in a week to insure they do not grow too close to my light in my 5ft tent. Although an indica, special kush still tends to double in size in flower stage
  16. subbed, im growing special kush from royal queen seeds too and i have started mine in flower when it reached one foot on feb 1st.
    I still keep forgetting to change the bulb from MH to hps tho lol so ill do that today hopefully.
    Also i have heavily LST'd mine but not topped it.
    Cool, I also will be flowering in HPS as that is the only light I have. What wattage are you doing and how many plants?
    I am curious how tall your plants get!
  18. currently i only have 3 plants, 2 special kush and one sativa dom seed i got free under a 600 watt light and its only been 3 days so they havent done much but i have  noticed quick growth with may be because on feb 1st they switched from cfl to MH or because the 12/12 hour light change..
    In a week or two i will start a new grow with 6 diff fem seeds under cfl then MH then hps alll under the 600 watt light, i hope to get these flowering plants out by then.,, lol well see
  19. Cool - keep me posted on their growth if you remember to
    GL w your next batch. I will be planting 3 more special kushs after i chop down these 2
  20. to save time you could always start the 3 you are planting later like 2-3 weeks before the others are done flowering and thenwen you chop them down move the other 3 into the tent! =D
    ill try and post a pic so you can see what i did for lst'ing its my first grow too lol but i just used string and tape lol

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