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    This is my first ever grow, in my 2x3x5 ft grow tent that is kept in my apartment closet. 
    These girls are 12, 11 and 9 days old, from biggest to smallest.
    400w HPS 24 hrs
    fertilome 20-20-20 
    watered daily (small amounts), fed every 3rd day at half strength 
    6" carbon fliter w fan
    feritolme soil with perlite and self added vermiculite 
    All three plants are Royal Queen Seeds - Special Kush #1
    I am planning on forcing them into budding when they are a little over a foot tall, as my tent is only 5ft high.
    Also, I have topped my biggest plant, because special kush tends to grow very tall and I wanted my two other babies to catch up to this one in size..
    I hope I topped it correctly.. Either way, as long as it doesn't die, the two other plants should have some time to catch up in growth now
    Will harvest ~420

  2. The new top have already began to grow..
    Also, here is a better picture of the crew. My 2nd biggest plant is starting to get a nice big set leafs 
  3. Getting them to flower at 12" shouldn't be particularly difficult. The plant will still be around 2' by the end and you could get some pretty sizable buds! 
    i don't think you need to worry about trying to keep their height even at this stage. Inevitably, some plants grow faster than others and it isn't always in respect to their "age." You can always top more later.
    I like the guerrilla setup though, it all looks great.
    I was wondering how much vegetation plays a role in the overall bud yield.. I don't want to force bud too quickly but good im glad 12" will be good enough with space being an issue. 
    I will keep this updated and we will see!
    Thanks for the comments :)
  5. Just realized I topped it wrong, thanks to my own research. Here is the topped plant.
  6. Now 2 weeks old and was topped last night
  7. Topped the 2nd biggest plant and brought 400w HPS down to 16" from plants. 
    The smaller one should now be able to grow rapidly while the two bigger ones grow multiple tops
  8. 1.5 days since topped
    The crew (front two topped)
  9. Just over two days after topping, and day 16, 15 and 13 since sprout
  10. HPS bulb is supposed to be for flowering...and is it standard for someone to top a plant while it's barely rooted like that? I am an anti-topper because all I've ever seen it do is make plants susceptible to fungus and stress it out.
  11. Here's my tip to you...slowly pour in your water around the edges of the pot and make a barrier to keep the center "bulleye" dry. The roots will spread out then down and your plants will grow bushy as fuck!
    Good time to start you will notice a much thicker more developed plant. I'll take a 3 foot wide plant over a 6 foot tall skinny plant anyday
  12. Your off to a good start. I have never been a big fan of topping but when you have limited space it is necessary.
  13. snoopdog I would partner with you in a grow anyday...I like what you have to say all the time when I read through these forums
    thanks man.
    Dude Im fucking crazy get a wild hair and plant 66 seeds in one day LOL. some days I need a helper, even if it mental help. :)
    i need to get started on my grow journal, I break all the rules and pull off shit thats nuts.
  15. TSoaDK - Thanks for the advice that makes a lot of sense. I was actually contemplating whether or not i should be watering near the stem or not but what you said makes perfect sense. I do have a lot of room in the tent width wise so I will for sure implement that watering strat starting tomorrow.
    Also, what is your take on feeding through the bottom of the pot?
    Snoop - Thanks. Hopefully these Special Kush #1, monster of plants, will space out evenly
    What do you guys think about cropping my tops? Should I pull them down a bit to make room once they reach a couple nodes? 
    I am worried that if my plants grow over 1 ft tall in veg that they may get too tall.
    ~1ft pot, 1ft plant, 1ft light+reflector, 1ft growth in flower stage... that only leaves me one foot distance from top of plant to light..
  16. Pull them over, LST is easy on the plant and does help fill the canopy for better use of light and better yield.
    Yup do all that from the start and you won't regret it.
    I should of started a very long time ago and should of done it way more aggressive Live and learn... But my memory freaking sucks So I've been on a good 2 week cannabis break gotta get shit done 
  18. Okay thanks guys. Should I start pulling the main stem over now or should I wait until the tops had a good amount of stem to pull?
    Yup I've been waiting for you to put a journal up already man!

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