my user cp is messed up

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by jcj77d, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. in my user cp i no longer have the option to upload pics, there is no link for pictures & albums. i still have my old pics there, but no way to upload new pics. any ideas
  2. Perhaps it has been changed. Try going to the Photo Gallery to upload.
  3. Not to sure about the User CP, but you can Go Here to upload photos.
  4. i just clicked that link, & it says i dont have permission to upload pics:mad:
  5. I'll check your settings and see if I can find anything wrong with them.
  6. All of your settings seem fine for you and your usergroup, as a whole. Haven't you had the picture issue in the past? I can't remember if it was pictures or posts. Have you logged out and back in and cleared your cookies?
  7. it was probs w/ my posts, but now its w/ pics, theres no option to upload or anything.
  8. Walk me through exactly what you're trying to do. Just shoot me a PM and I'll get SJ to look into it.

    Let me know what you've tried to do to fix it on your end and exactly step-by-step what you're doing to try to upload. That way we won't have to kill you with questions and can just get it fixed. I know this sucks and is an inconvenience. :( Sorry, jcj77d.
  9. Speaking of User there any good reason why a 5 month old infraction of mine was recently re-worded in a more insulting manner? Other than someone deciding to be a....
  10. Actually, sky dog, I changed the wording of some of the infractions to be more clear in the CP and it apparently changed infractions already given. The only thing that I even really changed was the word talk to discussion. I didn't take the time nor effort to hunt down a 5 month infraction of yours to try to score an insult. There wouldn't be a need for that or a need to decide "to be a...."
  11. No you're right (referring to your deleted post). An infraction has been changed from Posting about a Moderator's Actions to Causing Unnecessary Drama by Posting about a Moderator's Actions...for clarification...because that's what it does. So, more insulting or not, it is what it is.
  12. ive erased all my history, cookies, etc, logged out & in, but in my user cp there is NO option or place to upload, create albums, just my old pics & gallery, no upload options anywhere
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    So, you're talking about the Picture Gallery CP, not the forums CP? Right? I'll get SJ to look at the gallery settings for you.
  14. my user cp in the forums
  15. There isn't a place to upload pics in your forum User CP...only in the Photo Gallery.
  16. in niether place

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