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My Usage

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sebadoh, Sep 15, 2009.

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    I do not use medical marijuana in I guess the traditional medical way, but I do self medicate myself and I feel like it'd be nice to just get it out there about why.
    First of all, I have multiple things going on in my head, general and social anxiety, avoidant disorder, depression and pretty unstable moods. I also have a very bad stomach, as in I get sick to my stomach horribly bad from anxiety attacks. All these things basically culminate in bad insomnia, and a lack of appetite (I've gone many days in a row without eating anything), and those are part of the reasons I smoke, just wanted to get people's thoughts about that, it's not like the story of my life, pretty sure no one wants to hear all that.
    One last thing to add, my weight actually has been a medical concern before, I lost thirty pounds in less than that amount of days basically, and I was already like the right weight, and yes I am on prescription meds for my depression, insomnia etc also.
  2. Thats one of the wonderful things about this forum, we can come here and open up things we may not otherwise be able to. Personaly I am happy you have found something thats helps you with the quality of your life, everyone ehould have the right. Indica is a very well known appitite stimulant and bed time smoke. I know people with physical limitations (cramps, joint muscle pian, etc) who also enjoy an Sativa through the day because it make those more tolerable for them. If yo found a good deal for you awsome and I am genuinly happy for you. Please feel free to let us know your results with what type of smoke, its helps some of us out to. Peace:smoke:
  3. ive got alot of the same things, possible aviodant disorder and depression. marijuana helps me with perspective change and other things
  4. I don't usually know if it's indica or sativa, as I buy my stuff from other people so who knows. Though I do find in general pot helps me all around, it seems to help get rid of that slowness and weight of depression and calm anxiety for me, which both really help.

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