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  1. Hey guys, as you may or may not know I am currently wrapping up my current grow, it is my first grow and bag seed, so don't hate lol. Anyway, my ladies have 2-3 more weeks of flowering until harvest.

    Here is what I am looking at for my next grow.

    First of all, to confuse matters, I got some beans. The majority are autoflowering, unfortunately I only have one tent. Also to complicate things even further, I am looking to have a perpetual grow with my photoperiods as well.

    So correct me if you see any flaws or error in my plan for my next grow.

    I am currently working with one tent, toting a 600w HPS.
    I am looking to get another tent for mothering/clone/some vegging. This tent will have a 250w or 400w HPS.

    I will germinate in the next couple of days a few of the nirvana bubbleicious and royal queen royal dwarf autos along with one white shark photoperiod plant.

    Upon cropping out in a few weeks of my current grow, I will then place the autos into my flowering tent.

    The whiteshark will remain in the mothering tent, until I can clone it. The clones will remain in mother tent until the flowering tent is free again.

    While I am waiting to clone my photoperiod whiteshark mother, the auto flower batch should be complete.

    Basically I am trying to use my auto flowering plants and get a perpetual system with my photoperiod plants going.

    This is not a big operation. I would say I would take no more then 5 clones of the photoperiod, 4 of which will go into flowering once mature, the other will be the next mother.

    What do you guys think of this plan? :D

    Please let me know if you have any ideas to add upon this or shoot me down :D
  2. bump, what do you guys think? come on :D
  3. The reason your getting crickets is creating a perpetual grow is a difficult task. No amount of planing or reading will substitute for experience. I have been trying for a year and though I have had several successful harvests, it's still not perpetual. Cloning in and of itself is difficult, you will not have 100% success with your clones. You will be lucky to achieve 50% rooting in your first few runs. I usually have 1 in 4 root, but I only use rooting gel and a glass of water. The only way to find out is try and it sounds like you've figured out the basics. Good luck with your grow.
  4. Thanks yes, for some experience I took clones of one of my ladies twice. First time was massive fail, second time succeeded then a few days ago started drooping really bad :/ But I had it a live for a few days. The problem I think was lack of a solid clone set up, and the fact that I took it many weeks into flowering.

    I agree as much as I read and obtain information wise on the web and here, nothing substitutes solid experience.

    Thanks again :D

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