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Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. kind of,,,

    I love livin' here, i been high for like a month straight but i haven't bought a sack in a long ass time. Weed just keeps finding it's way to me.

    Today i went out to try to score a dime and instead of hookin' up wit a sac, i got smoked out down in the park with some Black Widow. Now i'm hi an i still got my $10.

    Back when i lived in another bldg there were more apts=more stoners and i was the only one with a computer in the building. All day my neigors would come down to my crib with bud and break me off some and smoke me out in exchange for using my comp to check email and look up shit n shizz. Back then i had so much weed of all diffrent kinds that i used to give it away so it wouldn't get moldy.

    Maybe i'll score a dime later, i got a couple people lookin for me .

  2. hey know those bmx bikes you get.....why are they so small....??......i mean i see lots of big dudes on tiny bikes! it so as they can spin them round faster??........Peace out.........Sid
  3. Basically a smaller bike means you can toss it around easier, it's lighter (sometimes) and just cause a lot of us grew up riding BMX and never stopped. It depends on the riding style tho, BMX bikes kick ass for dirtjump and parkriding, but aren't as good at urban/jib type stuff (jib=urban freeride AKA stuff like jumping over stairs, off roofs, all kinds of crazy shizzle)

    It really depends on the kind of riding if a BMX bike is better. I'm buildng up a dirtjump BMX and prolly this fall i'm gonna go out in the desert and build some gnardogg jumps.

    What i ride mainly is urban trials/jib. My bike is a MTB size bike, but i pretty much have it built to basically be a bing BMX bike. I use motocross handleabrs off my YZ250,, motorcycle chain, i have just one gear just like BMX.
  4. everyone round here seems to have the bmx style bikes, with the big foot pegs, from and back, and the seet as low down as it will go.....there seems to be quite a lot of them, allways with the skaters and bladers.......i have however seen a few who have bikes like the one i've seen in your pics......kinda looks like a montain bike but diffrent somehow............Peace out........Sid
  5. Hey toosicks, did you ever say where you're from? I remember a while ago there was a thread where it seemed like you would NOT say. I ask cause I've gathered from all your posts that where you live rocks!

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