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  1. Now I know this is going to sound weird but I think when we die we might all get our own personal heavens. So when we die and have lead a good life we go to heaven. But our heavens are all different. For example my heaven would be my friends and family and everything I find enjoyable. Football season would be year round. Id have lots of pot and paraphernalia. And my friends would have there own personal spot in heaven that the same thing happens. They would have there own personal heaven others can visit. What do you guys think ?
  2. i think we live in the matrix and when we die we realize we lived in a false reality. smoke one then think about it.
  3. I think thats a pretty common belief actually. I don't believe there's an afterlife, but if there is one, that would be pretty rad.

    And fuck the Jets.
  4. Im not sure what happens when we die but if there is an afterlife i dont want to go to heaven unless its my own heaven otherwise im just living in another society

  5. Yeah thats the way i think about it and nah kid Jets are this years champs :hello: haha
  6. Same here.

    I want my own universe, full traversal through the dimensions (somehow), and the ability to edit anything (ex. time, physics)

    I was thinking maybe we have to be under God's control in this
    reality but after death you get "promoted" to His level - a god's level.

    I don't think there is a heaven like this but i can dream can't i?
  7. I have a materialistic tendency to believe that there is nothing after the body dies, but even though I tend toward that view I sometimes wonder if the very last thought we have in life can seem to last for eternity. An idea like that might be compatible with the idea that we all get our own heaven.
  8. I've seen heaven.....with a good bottle of Jack and a few hits of chronic I am talking with angels. Works every time.
  9. Ya man that's pretty much what everyone that's religious and believes in heaven thinks it is.
  10. Sounds like you're pretty much living it right now. :smoke:
  11. I believe that heaven is an eternal feeling DMT trip. when you die, your brain releases all of it's stored DMT, the same chemicle that causes dreaming, and the most intense psychedelic known to man.
    the only setting would be reflections of your life, so if you're happy with how you tried to live your life, that would be a good trip, equivalent to heaven, and if you didn't like who yo where, that would be hell.

    sorry if this is incoherant, I'm really high
  12. A plane that completely transcends this one in every single way pretty much like the Matrix
  13. should watch "What Dreams May Come"
  14. yeah exactly I figured there'd be no point in us ending up in another setting like Earth where people are still having the same problems we have and still wondering the same or similar things we wonder about

    I think it could be our own utopia's but then that'd make me wonder even more what I did to deserve all of it besides just being a good person
  15. We are all already living in our own heavens, we just fail to realize it.
  16. I'm more compelled to call it hell if anything...
  17. That's because it's only what you make it. You wanna live on earth, here you are. You wanna live in hell, here you are. Heaven? Here you are.
  18. I wish it was that simple.

  19. I like that a lot

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