my underdeveloped pencil work

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by sureal, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. I sometimes consider myself an artist. I know my art does not lay in skecthing or painting. my art is in other fields. but here is a skecth i made a while back.
    I lack any concept of 3D. I do this in english class. lol


    if i practivce do you anyof you think i could get better. i can take reallity well....
  2. shit yeah dude. that collective of braincells that maketh the artist exist in your head... keep it up. practice. develop. become your name. :) i'd love to see that in full psychedelic colour. do you do much computer stuff?

    i was just gonna go recast my vote on the "who has the best name" thread, but then i saw this posted by u so had to take a peek first.

    checkout for updates about how i can help other artists get some more publicity. i'm gonna b posting a draught of the stuff needed for displaying your work on
  3. thats coo man
    keep at it
    drawnin is great, used to do it but havnt for ages :/
  4. all i see is a box with a red X
  5. never mind it works now, cool picture

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