My Uncle Rolled His Car

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  1. it was really scary. i got home from a date, and i was making broccoli and cheese sauce talking on the phone to my aunt when my uncle tried to call. then he tried to call her. but we kept talking. and he tried to call me again, so i answered. he just said, "Come get me. I wrecked the car. I need to go to the hospital."
    so i went and i drove as fast as i could
    it was 4 miles away from me
    and 1/4 mile away from my aunt
    i beat my aunt there
    When I got there, he had crawled out of the car. which was upside down in the ditch.
    He was waving his arms and panicking. He was dripping with blood, so much blood. In the end, I guess he lost over a gallon of blood and the doctor told us he was literally bleeding to death before they got it under control. He had a very bad head injury and a couple scrapes and bruises, but nothing else. No broken bones. No internal injuries. He was really lucky. They air lifted him away for surgery to reattach his scalp. And we went to the hospital to wait for him to get out, and they put two drainage tubes in his head injury. It was intense but I guess he's going to be okay. Maybe get out on Monday. Woo.
    I've never seen that much blood, you know. even after they took out his blood soaked clothes, the blanket i gave him right on the scene, and the blankets and towels they had around him and his head before they took him in for the scan, there was still blood all over the damn room
    it was crazy
    and i think it brought back like all this ptsd from my car accident two years ago
    when we got to the hospital in the entry way, he was bleeding all over the carpet. and he started to get dizzy. i heard him say, "I think I am going to pass out." and out of the corner of my eye, i saw a wheelchair folded up against the wall and i just pulled it out, whipped it open, and drove it right up to him RIGHT as he started to fall down
    so i grabbed his hips and helped lower him into the chair
    close call lol
    this was when the nurse was still running down the hall to let us in because it was after hours and they keep it locked with an intercom system

  2. My god i'm so happy to hear he lived! i hope for his fast recovery.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. yeah it's pretty nasty
    over 200 stitches
  5. i didn't know that was humanely possible
  6. You need to smoke, hon! It will allow your mind to start letting go of the shock you have been through!
    And this may be an opportunity to introduce your uncle to cannabis, if he doesn't use it already.  He is going to be hurting bad when they let him go, and cannabis helps prescription pain killers to work better.
    Cannabis reduces opioid dose in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain.
    (full - 2003)
    Cannabis in Palliative Medicine: Improving Care and Reducing Opioid-Related Morbidity        (abst - 2011)
    Cannabinoid-opioid interaction in chronic pain.      (abst – 2011)
    Also cannabis has been shown to lessen brain damage in head trauma.
    Cannabinoids As Neuroprotective Agents in Traumatic Brain Injury.       (abst – 2004)
    Cannabis Responsive Head Injury Induced Mutiple Disabilities: A Case Report
    (link to PDF- 2012)
    Now go smoke some, hon, and unwind a bit! Have a cup of tea, put your feet up, and know that it is going to be OK. :smoke:
    Hope that helps,
    Granny   :wave:
  7. Geez. Quick thinking with the wheel chair nice
  8. im out ]=
    i smoked my last bowl on the way to his surgery just to get some of the stress off my back
    i already introduced him to cannabis like a month ago
    so now doubt i'll be hooking him up in his recovery
    he has pretty bad arthritis and he's been in a lot of pain from it lately
    so i told my aunt to ask him if he'd be interested in some marijuana
    and he really liked it, said it helped a lot, and i got him some more after that
    i think i'll hook him up for free after the hell he's been through
  9. Wow, this bowl's for your uncle's fast recovery :bongin:
  10. apparently
  11. Oh shit. My best of luck to his physically recovery, and your families emotional recovery. Seeing that amount of blood usually gives people psychological trauma. 
  12. thanks
    it was probably pretty traumatic
    i can only imagine how he must have felt when he was waiting for help
  13. How the hell did you beat your aunt to the scene? She's walking distance away. She panicked and dropped her keys, didn't she?
    So what caused the accident?
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    pretty much what she did.
    she couldn't find them so it took her like an extra minute
    as for me i hauled ass
    110 the whole way
    there were no other cars involved
    he lost control in the gravel
    probably going too fast
    quite a few cars have gone in the ditch on that road
    edit: and by "the whole way" i meant up until the gravel
    im not retarded
  15. hey goodjob, u reacted and didnt freak out to much :)
    i have a neice, and i have to say, if u were my neice i be really proud of the way u handled urself
    i hope ur uncle will be ok. and everything works out fine. u might want to do a little research on his injury on your own. with my pass experiances, i dont trust doctors or nurses, or the healthcare system
    its a nasty llittle thing they got going on
  16. Nice save op.

    If you hadn't scared off those Indians in time they would have his scalp on a totem pole by now...
  17. Wow that's crazy. That's a terrible thing to see. But doctors really know their stuff. This reminds me of my crash where I broke all my face bones and another 16, I lost 8 pints of blood which is pretty much all of it. Somehow the doctors put me back together and I don't even look much different. I'm so glad my family lived 25 hours away so they didn't see the crash scene, but they saw me in the hospitle with tubes coming out of my head, neck, arm and belly. Im lucky to not remember anything of it because I was in a drug indused coma for a month. I believe that God is in control and everything has a reason, because I did something pretty bad a few months prior to the crash. Good thing your uncle wasn't on a motorcycle!

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