My unbelievably intence trip

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Little Wing, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. I concider myself to be farely experienced with shrooms. I have eaten them on numerous occasions. I have eaten from half an 1/8th to about 5 grams at a time. But yesterday I had a trip 10 times more intence then any I have ever experienced (including acid) from only a half 1/8th of shrooms.

    At about 1 oclock I ate the mushrooms. Me and two friends (the one driving didnt eat any mushrooms) went deep into the woods. For about two hours my trip went very much like other trips I have had. I me and my friend were rambling about funny things, and thinking deep thoguhts about the world. I had mild visuals, the clouds seamed to swirl and move very fluidly, the ground would bubble slowly. These are things I have seen on many equations.

    It wasnt until we got off the trail onto a deer path that my trip escaladed like never before. I was talking with my friend when his hairline started to recede and his skin took on an orange color. I saw small long black hairs grow out of his skin in irregular patterns. His nose then began to take on the shape of a pig snout, and the words he was saying turned into garbled grunting noises. I was quite taken aback by this, I had never had such a strong or reallistic visual. I looked at him for a bit, then had to turn around and walk off by myself for a bit.

    The ground then started to take on an alien planet type texture, and the trees began to distort into soemthing sort of out of a Dr. Seuss book. I then looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful day with huge fluffy white cumulous clouds floating around in the breeze. When I looked up, the clouds started to change into all sorts of bazaar shapes. They swirled about as if they had a mind. Frollicking among themselves. I watched the sky and landscape for a while with such itnence concentration that I soon forgot who I was. What I was, and what I was doing.

    I have never felt this confused. I wandered around until I came accross my friends, somehow I knew I had to follow them. I could hear them talking but I couldnt understand them, and I couldnt talk myself. I couldnt even come up with words.

    I just stumbled after them. I spent the next while trying to figure out who I was,a nd what I was. All I could see was this strange thing I was staring at, it was some shape that followed along on the ground. I was certain that was me. Yet after making that conclusion I happened to look to my side and I saw my arm. I noticed that I had control over it, and I then figured out that I was one of these humanoid shapes, that I knew were my friends, yet I couldnt communicate with them or understand them.

    I just followed along for a while, and fairly soon I was coming down. I then started to think I was completely mad. I thought I had lost my mind. It was a terrifying thing to reallize. I then felt very alone. But not alone enough. I was stuck with myself, and it was horrible. I actually had the thought of leaping off osmething to my death just to end it, but I avoided that thought, I knew somehow that would not be good. Although that was the only time in my life I think I ever knew what it must be like to actually want to die.

    After a while some sence started to come to me. But it actually made things make even less since. I was so far gone from normality that I didnt know what it is like to be normal. It was as if a second wave of confusion hit me. I started to get a since of conneciton between my body and mind. I noticed the urge to piss. It was actually very difficult for me to take a leak, it was as if the first time I had ever done this. I then started to identify normal needs. It was hot out, I managed to unzip my sweatshirt. I was hungry. I was tired.

    I think the worst part of the trip is coming down. You are stuck between these two worlds, and it is very hard to function inbetween. When I finally came down, I had a lot to reflect upon. I think this was overall one of the greatest experiences I have had. However, I may give myself a while before trying it again.
  2. "I just followed along for a while, and fairly soon I was coming down. I then started to think I was completely mad. I thought I had lost my mind. It was a terrifying thing to reallize. I then felt very alone. But not alone enough. I was stuck with myself, and it was horrible. "

    Dude, rock on. Yesterday I had almost the exact same thing happen. I didnt get the super intense visuals, but i was completely disatached from my body.
    but what i really identify with you on, is the whole "oh my god, i've gone insane" part of it. It's the most difficult thing to deal with when you think that youve just realized what insanity feels like, and that youve reached it.
    sorry i was going to say more but i cant remember what i was going to remember.
  3. have to say wierdest trip ive ever had goes along the lines of the whole insanity feeling, except to this day I still think back from that trip almost 6 months ago off probably 2 of the best hits of acid ever. was perfectly fine during the trip, it was possibly the best 12hrs of my life however, since about a week after up until all the months later, it still lingers in my brain every time i do shrooms or smoke that i get odd thoughts just sorta pop in my head, randomly, like as if the acid still lingers in my brain, still tryin to bring out some sort of insanity or paranoia amongst my fragile mind. very odd, cant really explain it to any of my friends etc, although I'm 100% sure my closest friend has the exact same reaction from the same hits we took, yet I dont think we could ever confront each other about it.

    anyway thats that.
  4. I've had the insanity feeling before, but it was just 10 times more intence this time. I was too insane to care nor worry, it was the best trip ever.
  5. jeez, I am taking half an 1/8th my first time sometime soon. I want a mild trip my first time, not that insanity. Hmmm . . . I think I'll just go ahead and do it anyway.

  6. I wouldnt worry, I have eaten full 1/8ths of mushrooms many times and not tripped that ahrd. You should be fine with half an 1/8th your first time. I wouldnt eat any less.
  7. i did it on friday. it was fukin great! I am doing the other half as soon as conditions are good outside again and I have friends to do it with.
  8. yah i've had the insanity b4. it was during a 1500mg dxm trip. i thought i was an egyptian god that could travel through time at will and i had ended up here (the present) to rule the world with my mind control. eventually i figured out i was just a normal guy tripping his balls off and went to sleep. it was kinda cool while it lasted, to have a whole different personality.
  9. I think the main thing that separated this trip form my others is that this was the first time I ever forgot that I was tripping. Its very strange when you really dont know whats going on. Also very much more authentic.

  10. same thing happend last saturday on a shrooms trip, 1/2 8th, and it conisted of mostly stems, but i tripped hard... and coming down is confusing as hell, my thoughts were delayed sort of. like, id look at an object, and by the time i focused on another id finally be able to name and figure out wat the last object was...trippy, doin it again this week end yay

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