My Ukiah Bub (1st time pictures)

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    So i decided it was time to show off my bubbler that ive had fo about a month now. I bought it at Secrets in Chicago for $120, and man do i love it. If i had a real camera I would show all the sections (even though not all of the sections are as clean as i hoped, but god knows i couldnt do any better) this is my first picture post as well so be gentle

    EDIT:Also, mad props to hpidriver for helping me ID the blower

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  2. I like the flag and the bub. :smoke:
  3. look familiar? ;) isn't that finger rest on the opposite side of the carb the most convenient thing ever? lol

    nice piece man

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  4. oh yeah man, for some reason the triangle knot is such a good resting place. also when i saw you post that pic for the first time i almost shit my pants out of excitement. +rep for having the same bub
  5. I'm glad I could pass on the knowledge, I found out ukiah made'em from another blower.
  6. damn man i guess my bub sucks

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