My two females are in the same pot and have the same root. Problem?

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  1. My two females are in the same pot and have the same root help me out can this be fixed if it is a problem?
  2. it is a problem simply transplant. water thoroughly before you take them out so the soil stays together. mj's pretty hardy you wont damage the root ball unless you go crazy
  3. Sounds stupid but they are physically connected.. Cut at root or what... One plant is bigger than other so idk what to do. First grow going more then well really don't wanna mess this up.
  4. dont cut use ur fingeres to serrade and sperate them. its okay to lose some roots during the process it will stunt its growth only a little. simply pull the to plants roots apart
  5. To save space, I root up to 6 cuttings in the same cup of coco, so it's definitely safe to pull them apart once they've entwined.

    But if your girls are already flowering at this point (not sure where you are in your grow, veg or bloom) then I'd leave them together and just up pot up to something larger.. you're much better off recovering from that type of stress (root separation) during veg, rather than during bloom.

    Ideally, you almost never want to grow more than one plant per container; some plants have different requirements that others, even within the same strain, and generally one plant will over power the other, and you'll lose one plant, both, or at best if they live, their yield will suffer for it.
  6. Okay. Also.. Do roots act sort of like a heart for these plants? Will small damage to the root mess with them? Or do they recover quickly . Also would it hurt if i did just get a big pot and grow them? And at the looks of it they are In a good stage they have the female typical pot leaves and they have the bud look alike sprouts already ( obviously not budded yet) will try for a picture later.
  7. You could leave them in the same pot and just pot up, although it's not recommended, but did you mention they were already having root issues? Or was the issue just that they're stuck together now? If they're otherwise sick, beside just being tangled, your best bet would be to separate if possible. If they aren't sick yet, I'd say you should still separate them before they have a chance.

    Males and females both have the typical pot leaves, so that's no indication of their gender just yet.

    If you could get some decent hi res pics of the nodes, the area and nook where the branches leave the main stalk, behind the stipule, we'll be able to tell you if you can determine their gender yet.
  8. Not any problems . It's just that the plants roots formed together because they were grown next to eachother... And I'm just almost certain they are females because I did research on how they look male vs female and compared mine to pictures on the web and etc
  9. Sounds good, just as long as they don't look anything like this you'll be ok =-P

  10. once roots are broken they dont rebuild and grow back. it makes new root growth. just liek if you break a branch off the brach doesnt rebuild it just builds another node. youre plants will bounce back in a week
  11. Hmm, snapped roots can heal if they're still attached, they can even heal if they're entirely severed if the two ends are kept close enough together. And if they don't heal, the old tissue dies and the living roots still continue to grow and expand, but usually if you snap a branch off it won't make a new node in its place within a single grow season, on the rare ocasion that it does make an entirely new node (rather than repairing the remains of an existing node), it usually takes a lot longer than it's worth waiting for... hope this helps :)
  12. Sorry newbie to this stuff. What's the problem with that picture ? Haha looks like a nice plant to me. And the roots. Where should I separate? And how? Cut with something or pull apart ? Need as much info as possible these are some nice looking plants in process
  13. That plant is a male.. nothing wrong with him, unless you don't want him pollinating your females and ruining your bud with seeds :)

    I know you mentioned that you compared some photos before, but if you do a little more research you'll be able to better judge what gender your plants are, and that's very important.
    At the top of the screen in the search bar, type "sexing", sounds dirty lol, but it just means you're determining the gender. I think budslinger has a sticky-thread on it somewhere. Good luck!
  14. Great help so far. Wether the plants do turn out to be male or female , not my biggest concern. Although can someone walk me through how to separate the two plants if I do take action? A certain. Procedure or something? And will taking the plants away from my lights for about 15 minutes at most to adjust light height and how I mount them to my wall going to bother them? More advice please guys! Y'all been great
  15. If you're concerned with having anything to smoke in the end, you'll be wanting females :) Males don't give you buds, although you could make a very small amount of hash, maybe a few grams from two males judging the circumstances.

    15 minutes removed and away from the light won't bother them unless you start doing it every day, even then it isn't so bad if you're gentle, outdoors I've know people who move plants daily as a means to control the light cycle and induce bloom early.

    Post some pics, and we'll tell you how rough you can be and how to get started. Generally though, it's just a matter of getting hold of an even portion of the root system per plant, say if the larger plant is 20% larger, you'd grab and would plan to separate just under 20% extra on its 'side' of the pot/root ball with it, leaving the smaller plant with the smaller root mass if that makes sense. You can use your fingers to rip the systems apart down what you feel is the middle, it will feel like you're being too rough, but so long as you keep each stalk sturdy and don't wobble it too much tearing out the more important upper roots, you'll be ok.
  16. Great. And yes one is much bigger then the other I can safely say that because the main stem on the bigger one is much larger Then the other one. Also visually you can just see that one is bigger then the other. Also, use my fingers or could I use a cutting tool. Your suggestion and as far as the lights it will just be one adjustment . Also gonna add in a question about suggesting watering schedule? How much a time and how many times a day?
  17. Hey guys back on thread again with pictures. hopefully y'all don't have trouble opening them. Sorry about poor quality on a few of them, took from iphone 4 :p. You can clearly see the bigger one and you can tell the little one, you can also tell the position the little one is on. For recent posters i dont mind critisim and truth, first grow, spill it all. I am closet growing but for a closet set up it seems im doing pretty damn well...(at least i beleive i am :hello:) . So this is my grow so far...anyone who read my situation let me know about the roots/separating the two, i also had a watering question and gender? Thanks guys

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