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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by xplicitcontent, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Pot should be regulated in the same way as alcohol, except with tighter and more disciplinary laws. With my personal experience, I noticed that it was a lot easier to obtain weed then to get alcohol. Why is that? Because anyone can sell pot since your not regulated and licensed. That anyone can sell to kids and such easily, and is only worried about getting caught in which many are let go do to the amounts of weed they carry (usually under the law as considered a small offense). They come back to the streets and they're free again. In the case of alcohol however, the penalty is already a pain. With weed, the penalty should be more strict to ensure that only stores are selling weed to people of the age of 21 or older. To sell to a minor however, or to sell without a license will result in a penalty much worst then the one for alcohol. However, if you are under 21 and you are caught for possession, the same rules would apply with holding liqour, unless you have a certain amount with the intent to sell. At least through this way, we can reduce the amount of kids that obtain this stuff and regulated for adult use only.
  2. i'm gunna have to disagree with you that you should be 21 or older to smoke. and a quick question.. how do they do it in amsterdam? do you have to be 21 or 18 or can anybody just buy it? plus if you regulate so only older people can buy it then kids are gunna have older people buy it for them. just like booze.
  3. I think alcohol should be 18, but the simple fact is that the
    US gov't has selected 21 to be the age at which you may buy
    intoxicants. So therefore, no matter what it should be; weed,
    when legalized, will be for adults 21 and over.
  4. ^^^
    I was gonna post almost the exact same thing. At 18 we become our own people, able to vote, eligible for the draft, but we can't drink!?! Give me some fun with all this damn responsibility.

    I also have been saying for a while that the best solution for marijuana legalization would be regulation under similar circumstances as alcohol. Even if I disagree with the age for alcohol consumption, it would help set a point when people are "responsible enough" to enjoy the wonderful ganja and would appear nice and controlled to those damn politicians.
  5. the 21 year old law would be fine.

    i mean, teenagers smoke it illegally already, wont change anything for them right?? plus they shouldnt be smoking their way thru highschool anyways (<<< most hypocritical thing ive ever said :p <<<)

    I dont care if they regulate weeds fucking ass of, aslong as its not illegal for me to smoke a joint while sitting on my porch, ill be fine.

  6. well the age is 21 because there are about 1000% more deaths from driving under the influence in the 18-21 year old range than in the 21 and above range...this is probably because there are so many 18 y/o morons that get all excited about getting their liscence, "soup up" a crappy 1995 neon, get drunk, and drive into trees.

  7. you get your license here when youre 16.

    And, are you sure about your stats there? Ive heard different.

  8. i agree with atrophy, when ur 18 you have had 2 years of driving experience..when you are 21 you have more experience and are more likely to make a responsible choice, we have enough deaths and accidents from alcohol, just think what it would be like if 18 year olds could drink...
  9. just think if 18 year olds can drink?... every hear of a plcae called Alberta Canada?... legal age is 18... im gettin smashed tonight.. god bless Alberta and our rich, oil filled province..
  10. dude the governement didnt choose 21 Nancy Reagan did at least im pretty sure thats who it was, it used to be 18 before that biatch
  11. you know what else, blame reagan for your shitty school lunches. my teacher told me he fucked up the lunch system.
  12. In response to the comment about the government choosing 21 to be the age at which individuals can buy intoxicants: What about cigarettes?

    I think we should take a page out of Ontario's book and make everything legal for individuals over the age of 19. It would appear much less hypocritical for the government to allow us to buy tobacco and alcohol at the same age considering the greater long-term danger associated with the drug that we can buy earliest. Also, the draft age increased by one year as well. I've spoken to a few of my friends' dads who served in the military during the 70s about the fact that it is acceptable for the government to conscript 18 year olds into military service but illegal for the same 18 year olds to buy a beer on their days away from the base. Most of them said that it's ridiculous and that it would have been impossible to enforce such a rule during the Vietnam era.

    19 for everything, nationwide.

  13. But see driving under the influence is illegal no matter what the drug...
  14. Don't be an idiot! No offense, just don't be an idiot. If weed were legalized in any capacity it would be a free-for-all, there would be no way to regulate its sale at all. People are always like "Whooa they should sell weed in stores with a tax!" Well guess what? If they did sell weed in stores it would always be more expensive than if you got it from a dealer, so its kind of pointless. Besides, why would you want to buy exclusively mass-produced weed? The best part about weed is that you can constantly get new types.
    Anyways, I'm pretty sure mass-produced shit would just be some lame-ass mids, and for those of us who smoke top-quality stuff it just wouldn't do the trick.
  15. heheh. "if you regulate so only older people can buy it then kids are gunna have older people buy it for them. just like booze." hey, that sounds like a plan to me. :D
    i'd be happy with store bought prerolled mids. while they're at it.. i'm sure there will be flavored joints, lights, 100s, reds, hard/soft pack, menthol. :D be walkin down the street and people always ask for cigarettes and shit. it would be cool to hear "hey lemme get a j" :D

  16. theyd regulate the sales exactly as it is regulated now. jailtime and tickets. liquor is legal, but im not allowed to go around selling homemade liquor to my friends, its still illegal, as illegal as it was during prohibition. weed will be no differant. smoking = legal, stores = legal, selling/growing = probably still illegal.

    (im not positive, but im pretty sure you arent aloud to grow your own tobacco? correct me if im wrong... but if so, im sure growing your own weed would remain illegal too.)

    as i see it, legalization of weed is rather pointless. I enjoy the fun we have with it today. Being "sneaky" is all part of the fun!!
  17. pot should be legalized at 18
    your otta high school
    and have your own damn life
  18. I think it should be regulated like orange juice. You can buy the canned orange juice at the store -or- you can buy the oranges, and make the juice yourself, with or without pulp if you please.

    I think the legal age for drinking should be 18, not 21.
    I think weed should be legal for anyone 18 or older.
    If you're allowed to die for your country, why can't you drink and smoke in it too?? After all, those are the rights you're fighting for....(freedom) HAHA, we all know what's up... that might've been the reason long ago, but now it's for oil, top country, etc..

    Hmm... I typed out this thing on legalizing weed (long time ago).... the more extreme way. I haven't read it since I typed it baked that time... but I'll post it here anyways. I bet it doesn't even make sense......:
  19. USA - Country-wide legalization.

    Well, I'm not sure if that's good news to you or not... but hey, :D

    You wanna know what I think ALL marijuana smokers should do...? Here ya go:

    First off; STOP HIDING!

    Second; Get the word out for EVERYONE (regardless of age) who smokes in your state, to gather outside of the police station in you're states capital. Stating that you will all continue to smoke NO MATTER WHAT they do to stop you's. And EVERYONE light-up right there. (Huh?) What are they going to do? put thousands of people in they're prisons?! Our family and friends (who don't smoke) wouldn't stand for something like that! Not to mention most prisons are already near overflowing!

    Third; Instant legalization.

    *As long as we are peaceful about the whole thing and don't resist, no name calling, etc. (ie. nothing illegal), and ALLOW them to arrest us and do as they please (whatever it may be), legalization would happen... if not within the day's all the states people are outside the capital's police station, then very soon that year most likely. But I guarantee that it would become legal.
    Just imagine the sheer numbers of people who smoke and would be practicly volunteering to go to prison. It would be overwhelming to our Government.
    We could set a week aside for when it's to be done... say, "April 20th 2006". On that day, and for the next few weeks we would be flooding our capitals. And every states legal system, district attorneys, law enforcement, and alot of other things, even non Gov. things would be affected, such as buisness's, and the people. We would win.
    Forget the laws, they would become null and void in this matter.

    But, it's a shame as I don't know how to go about getting the word out, except for:

  20. I really doubt that. If companies were able to legally grow it, they could be mass-producing top quality hydro to all around the world. And I'm sure there would be all kinds of different strains, just like there's different brands of cigarettes. And what would be better than going to the grocery store and buying a bunch of hash brownies?

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