My Two Bongs..

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  1. Whats up, these are my bongs.
    What do you guys think??


    Migrant - 18"GonG

    Delta 9 -10"Grommet

    I will take a milk shot later.. :bongin: :bongin:
  2. looks like some nice pieces to me. i like the delta 9 one.
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    Thanks... Yeah that delta 9 rips for it size.

    I got the Migrant a few days ago and it's simply amazing.
    It's also 9mm thick.
  4. You have no idea how jealous I am. I wish I could get a hold of bongs like that. :(
  5. I like that delta 9. I love beaker based bongs
  6. That delta makes me wanna drool, i used my friends once and loved it, i need to get one myself.
  7. here is a milk shot from the migrant
  8. Hell yeah, that Delta9 is some nice ass glass man. I am sure it's a real nice smoke.

    Enjoy it!
  9. Definitely not 9mm dude :laughing:

    Still milks sweet tho
  10. Looks nice to me, I like the color on the delta 9 logo.
  11. I like nice nice.
  12. Nice ass bong, bro. Wish I had the money too buy myself a bong right now-_-.
  13. How do you know it's not 9mm??

    I was on the blowers' site and it said 50x9. I even emailed him to see if he supplied my local shop, it's legit.
  14. Never heard of delta but I'm loving it! (doesn't look like a glass-on glass. If it isn't than that is the niest non-GONG I've ever seen!)

    I really dig that camo logo.

    Nice pieces mang.
  15. I wish the delta was GonG, thanks hambuglar

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