My two 3tf plants has small nugs for it being 6 weeks i don't know when to harvest I need help

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Piri, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. My buds are small and half the plants have skinny nugs. I'm really upset, I don't know when to harvest or how long it takes them to he don't but I'm on week 6 and it should be don't in 2 weeks (8 weeks )
  2. Pictures will more info about your set up. Either way....if it says 8 weeks plan on it taking 10 unless you have an optimally dialed in room with tons of light. Don't rush it....and don't be bummed. Many strains don't put on their weight until the last few weeks.
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  3. I'm growing outdoors, just have them in a 2 gallon pot I'll post a picture when I get back to my place
  4. Id say pots limited bud size.
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  5. Hmmm, you have a point
  6. That's the pot that their in and also buds are small I'm already on week 6 /: and I trimmed one to see if itll make a better progress or not. Can anyone help?

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  7. I'd say it is what it is with this plant - next time prepare a nutrient rich soil based on quality compost, use a pot 10 times that size and allow this one to continue flowering for as long as it will continue to keep maturing.

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  8. They will likely swell a bit more in the last few weeks.

    But as others have said...pot size>limits plant size>limits bud size. The genetics used also play a huge part. Grow a "cookie" strain next to a Chemdawg strain and you'll see what I mean. SOME folks may luck out and coax larger buds from cookie genetics...but on the whole...they yield less than some of the other clone-onlys/popular strains.

    Next year...veg them longer upfront and start with larger plants (in larger pots)

    A standard "guesstimate" for yields are a z per gallon of soil. This is subjective, obviously, but it often plays out for many growers to be "close"....

    best of luck finishing up...
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  9. Alright jerry I don't know to prepare rich soil this was soil that a friend gave and he moved out of town in the begging of the year, I'm trying to do really really rich organic soil! I just don't know how!! also @beensmokin I have seen more white hair come out. Maybe its swell a little lol and idk about next year. I'd love to but like I said I don't have rich soil and I don't like using hydro

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