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My Tuesday Night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tokensmoke10, May 12, 2010.

  1. I wish everyone was as lucky as me.

    It was around 9 pm, dark, and I was riding passenger with a friend and he was trying to get a hold of someone to get a bag from. He wasn't picking up so we drove around waiting. Well we come to a light intersection across from a state lake and decided just to go park in there to wait to hear from the guy. Well right as we go straight, a state trooper turns into the park as well. Well I'm carrying 7 grams and my buddy has nothing on him.

    I admit that I panicked and tossed the bag under the seat. He ended up pulling us over for no front license plate and my buddy let him search the car. My friend told the guy that there were a few empty jack bottles so that gave him reason to search. Well it took him a while but he ended up finding the bag under my seat. I confessed it was mine and he basically gave me the option of telling him who I buy from or taking the ticket.

    I'm not one to rat so I said "Sir, I'd rather just take the ticket". I think that threw him for a loop because he was quiet for a while and eventually said since I have a clean record that I'm not going to get a ticket. He just made me dump the weed down the sewer and sent us on our way.

    I'm really glad I've only had to deal with nicer cops like this one.
  2. Ouch losing 7 grams of weed sucks though. Too bad he didn't just say well boys will be boys. And let you keep your bud. But its a good change a pace to see a cop realize that bud is harmless and it is pointless to mess up someones record over it.
  3. Exactly, I'm glad this is a decriminalized state. I feel bad for those who live in places that it isn't.
  4. The world would be much better if every state was like that.
  5. I've had similiar experiences as this and it's also decriminalized in my state. I had a clean record the cop didn't charge me with anything.

  6. Uhh, he got off like that so when you lose 7 grams it is not the big of that deal in this case!!!:p

    What state? Cool cop man nice.
  7. Exactly, I'd rather lose 30 bucks than pay hundreds for a ticket :D My buddy even hooked me up with a 9 gram sack after wards for another 30 :p

    But this is in Nebraska

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