My Tuesday Night - Fat Lines of Addy (w/ pics!)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by generickid, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    I just can't get enough addy, it feels great! What is everyone else up to tonight?
  2. just downed 40mg of crushed beads myself, zoomin bout to light a bowl :smoke:
  3. Don't you love this shit?!:hello:
  4. Is addy = ativan?
  5. Good luck sleepin tonight :p I love adderall, especially when i have school or am around alot of people, it makes me ultra talkative, all them overloads of chemicals in your brain lol But tonight, im sober as a bum ;(

  6. yeah bro its just a nice feeling, it doesnt really "fuck u up" persay either, just a boost. i love it!

    btw what part of MA you from, i grew up in worcester.
  7. ativan is where it's at for week days nights <3333
    jp addy is nice, i just can't deal with on weeknights when i have to get up early the next days, hope you had fun tho bro
  8. i still wonder why people do aderal to get high, so pointless.
  9. prolly cause they cant get real drugs
  10. Adderall is fun when you just start it, but it eventually loses its magic to the point that it is not fun at all anymore except as possibly a study aid.
  11. i dont use it constantly, just when i can grip a little bit or get it from a friend.

    i do it because its fun and i find it goes well with weed. its also great if you want to get something done.:smoke:
  12. Adderall has such a nasty drip worst drug ever IMO. I bet your having alot of fun in 4 hours all i can say is drink alot of water and force yourself to eat.
  13. Nothing wrong with a little addy.

  14. i dont rail it i just crush the beads and swallow with some water =]

    i happen to enjoy the boost it gives to my brain i guess. :smoke:
  15. @bleez
    thats not true

    addy provides a nice subtle high and nobody can tell your on it, no smell, no signs like pupil dilation

    cant always be rolling balls or faded
  16. Im on 80mg of vyvance

  17. psh. coke drips are much worse. molly drips are too. so are 2c drips. you needa relax.

    that being said i love sniffing adderall but really only in combination with other uppers. the addy high on its own doesnt really get me. too much speeding and not enough euphoria.
  18. idk about the whole coke drips being bad, you must be gettin some badly cut stuff, but i agree with the 2c group, that shit burns like a bitch goin up and horrible goin down.
  19. generic kid

    be careful not to do too much bro

    thanksigiving is in 2 days

    dont wanna fuck up your appetite before that shit!

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