My truck was broken into last night.

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    and they took everything. my skateboard, my CD's, my $300 CD player. why does this kind of shit always have to happen to me? i've never wronged anyone, i'm a hard working, intelligent person, i've never been given anything in my entire life, i've always worked for everything i've gotten. and this happens? i already have money problems as it is, i'm barely eating anymore due to having to pay bills, and other bullshit like getting stuff for my truck that is needed if i'm going to commute.

    the person that broke in, like an idiot, left the knife they used to take my stereo in my truck, so hopefully theres some prints on there that can help me out.

    so yeah. down around $600 because of this. not to mention the $800 in bills i am going to have to pay this month. my check will probably only be around $300. i am 18 years old, i shouldnt have to be going through with this shit.

    EDIT: 666th post.

    EDIT EDIT: i put in an old CD player, and made it obvious to the whole area i live in that i put it in, posted it on myspace, etc. etc. but this cd player is broken, i'm going to wait outside tonight with a gun, if someone tries to touch this shit, they are done.
  2. Dude....I've had a similar experience. My beautiful 93 GMC Sierra (short bed, sexy green color, big ass 5.7 liter 350) was broken into a few months ago. Fucker jimmied the handle with a screw driver, fucked it all up. Fortunately, he only stole the shitty radio that came in it which I was planning on replacing anyway :D

    I was pissed about the door handle though, I ended up putting some rubber molding in there to cover up the bent parts, looks fine now. Unfortunately, the cops are not going to bother running the knife for prints unless theres been a rash of car break-ins in your area. They certainly didn't help me :mad:

    Anyway, people are fucked up. Unfortunately all you can do is count your losses and move on bro. You shouldn't have to deal with it, but thats fucking life. Shits weak.
  3. That sucks dude, the worst part is he was too pussy to try and take it by force. A sneaky thief deserves to be kicked in the crotch until they die.
  4. that's cool
    lets see what just got stolen from my house

    200 dollar longboard
    1400 dollar laptop
    roommates wallet with 40 dollars
    all our cds
    250 dollar motor scooter
    2 48" blacklights
    150 dollar cruiser bicycle
    nug jug containing an eighth
    and a brand new scale

  5. lol dont wait outside /w the gun bro...ur asking for trouble by posting u have a new radio...
    thts retarded

    sry bout the BS but hey light up or sumthin and chilll
  6. it just makes me sick that people do this kind of shit. like if you're in poverty and you steal, it's just rediculous. i've been in poverty all my life but i have never found it needed to go out and steal from someone else, thats what jobs are for. it's so selfish, it was probably some fuckin heroin junkie lookin for a fix. disgusting
  7. Some guys broke into my house last week and stole:

    1800 euro custom pc
    my passport and ID
    They gassed my dogs
    took a load of my dvds
    my girlfriends sony laptop
    and my virginity

    Joking about the last part. But what the fuck is happening to the world.
  8. my posting the new radio is luring them back, and if its trouble they want it's trouble i'll give em
  9. Wow you got owned.

    Someone TRIED to break into my car a couple weeks ago, now the outside handle on the passenger side doesnt work anymore. Its a good thing they didnt actually get in, cause I had a 9mm cz in the drawer under the passenger seat. Now I pull the car up closer to my door so if those fucks come back Ill be out that bitch WITH that 9. :mad:

    OP, I hope whoever did that comes back for round two tonight. Dont shoot to kill em, shoot em in the legs or something, so they can be fucked by the long thick arm of the law.
  10. you think thats bad?
    last month my house burned down then two weeks later my grandma(who raised me) died.
    i have bad luck

    material shit u can replace...i cant replace my grandma or the place i grew up.

    still sucks though ive been robbed b4 too

    when i get the money my grandma left me(gotta go through a legal process with the will) im gettin a new house and im definately installing hidden video cameras just in case a few certain ppl from my old life find out where i live...but i gonna live like 50 miles away and they dont have cars plus im not gonna talk to them anymore so that shouldnt be a problem but id rather be safe than sorry.
  11. worst part is i'm pretty fucking sure it's one of my close friends
    any ideas how i can go about finding out fer sher?

  12. yeah someone broke into my homies place whilst he was at work one day, stole a 52 inch lcd flatscreen and a qp of mids.. next day, dude installed cameras at points in his house. hes got like 5-6 atleast watching his spot now.

  13. that is my plan, i ain't really tryin to kill no one haha, but i do want them to pay
  14. Best thing to do is just go over and look around their place for your stuff kinda. Also, call the local pawn shops, this goes for you and the OP, cause if they pawned anything then they had to show ID.
  15. thats what i am wondering too, like that would really put me down if i found out its someone i know and let into my life. but i am thinking it is kind of. there were 4 different cars in the driveway, all of them even had nicer stuff than my shitty 1986 Chevy S10 in em, one of them was even unlocked. it made me feel like i was a target
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    That sux dude. I'd be out there with my gun too.
  17. all the shit that's been stolen from me has happened on different occasions
    and every time one of my friends have been in the area
    and there's just some things that dont add up

    when the laptop got stollen there were 2 of them on the couch, only 2 cushions apart
    mine and my buddies from school
    his got stolen and mine didnt
    why would a theif only take one and not the other?
  18. i saw your original message and i am glad ya got em
  19. Yea I seen people from Austin on here. Don't want them knowin i shot one of there boys.
  20. well at least they didn't get into my house, i'm about to kick back, light up a blunt and start calling pawn shops and shit

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