My Triumphant Return

Discussion in 'General' started by BioSpiN, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Good Morning/Evening GC!! I'm back!

    I hate having to make a big deal of things, but for those that don't know; I had major surgery. This was the very first surgery in which I actually had the jitters.

    They made the incision across the lower half of my right chest. I had a total of 80 stitches in side of me, around my muscles, 4 staples, and 20 more stitches to close the hole they made.

    They put in a drainage tube, and I had that pulled out this morning, along with the anchor stitch. I can now type and function partially normal, besides all the pain.

    Very happy to be back and say "Hey" to all my friends here at GC. HEY!!

    Here's a picture of the patch: (If you look closely, you can see blood seeping through!)

    Now, onto business: What'd I miss while I was gone? Any big stuff? If you don't know anything that happened, what is happening in your daily lives :wave::D
  2. I assume we're all wondering: What was the surgery for?
  3. Oh right! This is from a post I made a couple of weeks ago:

  4. Hey there, Glad your surgery went ok!

    And yeah, I can see the blood, at first I thought "Geez that guy has an unusually large nipple....."
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  5. lol, glad to see you made it, smoke bud for the pain.. lots of it.. represent California natives

  6. Can do :D

    Thanks all!
  7. Hoping you have a fast recovery!:)
  8. damn dude rippin your pec must of hurt of like a bitch, then all that surgery in your muscle,Fuck!.........what kind of pain pills did they give you?
  9. ^ ondrugz...sweet fucking sig man

    Sorry to hear that man..but good to hear that the surgery went good..anyways good to have you back
  10. Lorcet, most commonly referred to as VICODIN!!! Lorcet the most powerful brand of vicodin available. Love the stuff, but even though I enjoy the occasional pill of Ex, I'm not a fan of addictive or harmful drugs. The cover of the pill bottle is covered in side-effects..

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