My "trip" to walmart

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ideal, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Hahahahaha, well lets light up another one then buddy!, I heard that 5 times today before my "trip" to walmart, lol I smoked up like 4 or 5 dubiees with my buddys we each pitched in a decent bit of weed and kept on smoking ... as the day went on we were HUNGRY! and I wanted to buy a cofee grinder to grind up my weed , so seeing as how walmart is not to far away we thought we can kill two birds with one stone since the walmart we were going to has a mcdonalds built in ... so we went to walmart and no offence to little people but man was there ever alot of them I thought maybe me and my buddys stumbled in on some kind of a small people field trip ... I must have seen more small people that day then ever in my life and I aint talking about small people I mean im talking about small people, not the kind that are short im talking about the ones that are not to much taller then your hip, so when we went to mcdonalds we all started eating and we were having a good time laughing at stupid shit cause well we were high!, when all of a sudden three midget bikers came out of NOWHERE!!!!, AHHHH we were scared cause they all came up to us and started accusing us of making fun of them ... so being the person I am I tried to stay calm and let them know we are just having a good time and that we werent laughing at what he thought we were ... and then he had the nerve to ask me what I was laughing at ... so I said look buddy and showed him a little baggy of my stash and he started laughing and whispered little people language into the other freaky looking small person who was dressed up as a tough bicker and told us to take a walk with them, being stoned we were willing to do this cause we were thinking maybe hes gunna show us his stash... and he did he had a suv tricked out for small people and when he opened the back hatch there was 3 black garbadge bags, he opened one up and there was tons of weed, he took out a bit and rolled up a fat yager and we all made peace with the little people, at the end he tossed us a small lid and I swear there must be at least a half quarter of weed in here! :) a half quarter isnt much but it is when its free :)
  2. OMFG i duno what i'd do if that happend to me i'd go into shock from laughing so hard lol thats so rad omg instense
  3. lol I felt the same way :)
  4. dude i cant concentrate im too high!!

  5. If I had read this baked, I'd die laughing.
  6. "I aint talking about small people I mean im talking about small people"

    lol, you don't know what you're sayin.. that sure is one heck of a stoned a contradiction...
    That's fckn awsome! Little people biker tokers! lmao say it ten times fast! Man, that's great, lol, I mean imagine going to their little people home... Why would they pay a big person price for a house that's got a ceiling way too high for them/ etc, so I'm sure they saved money and bought a tiny house.... imagine being in there tokin' up! it'd be freaky cool trippin. You'd think you were in lotr or something. especially on shrooms :D I wish I knew little peopele.... There was a little people person working a walmart the other day i saw....hmmm, I got an idesa!a haha

    hey, that must be the 'little people' highgirlys always talking about... I gues they're making their peace
  7. i needa smoke with you guys rofl i did that once and i was fucking frodo and my skinny friend pretended to be fat and sam

    it was so tyte cuz the shire was wal-mart where we were getting 400$ outta an atm and the ring was destroyed (the card)

  8. LOL ohhh man and their stuff is not bad, could be better though the high only lasts for about an hour at best :(, but its free they prob think its the shit cause their body doesnt need much I on the other hand need a few fattys to really get me goin

  9. i have a tattoo that says Die Laughing

  10. your sig quote is exactly how I feel when im really gone
  11. would have loved to seen a picture of that. either the midget bikers or the weed that they gave u....haha, so funny
  12. hahahahhahahaha, that's a damn good story. Wish the weed faries would pay me a visit.

  13. LOL
  14. now that I think about it thats preety weird ...
  15. hahahaha.. .that's fuckin hilarious!
  16. Dude please for the sake of fellow stoners put up a dangerously funny Sign lol thats the funniest thing ive heard in so long...
  17. dangerously funny is the worst
  18. nice story man...biker midgets wish i could see that...
  19. wow that walmart trip must have been fun, i guesss your pretty lucky...
  20. omfg... LMFAO!!! that shit was great. I don't believe I could have resisted myself in a stituation like that. If I was with one friend in particular, hell no. we would have gone home with our asses kicked. Smoking up with little people.. cool shit :) Wish I could have been there :D

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