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my trip to the grocery store.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jdizzly, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I was about to go to a party so i decided to hit my last bowl of some good hulk og, you know to have a good time at the party. After i hit the last of it, i get a text from my buddy who says the party is off, some shit happened i guess :confused:. At this point i was already driving there, i was pretty high and didn't really care anymore, so i turned around and was craving some food hehe :rolleyes:.

    So instead of driving randomly around I pulled into ralphs grocery store. Went straight toward the chocolate milk section, yah its fucking delicious when your high, it just the perfect drink...ok sidetracking.
    Anyways I'm looking at all of the selection, just staring at all the products for 10 mins, the brightness of the lights just so overwhelming, you know?,so after picking up nesquick chocolate milk, i slowly made my way to the chips section and got a big bag of doritos "tacos at midnight". I head to the cashier and start paying, there was this other dude bagging my food, who i think was mexican, but it doesn't matter.

    So I'm paying and the bagger is like:

    Bagger: "hey man, this is a great combo."

    At this point i was sketching out :eek:

    Me: "haha what? a combo for what?"

    Cashier: "this is great combo man..":D

    Me: "Yahh..It really is..."

    I pay and move my ass out of the grocery store, looking back at this guy every 5 seconds as i leave the scared to go back to that store now.
  2. Uhhh what the fuck you scared for?

    You were sketched out cuz someone made a comment about the food you were buying?
  3. haha it was the way he was saying it, im pretty sure he knew what was up.
  4. ya what lol? he was trippin u out cause he said nice combo...?

  5. I'm pretty sure too, which makes your story, and your reaction, all the more pointless and unnecessary.

    But hey, that's just my opinion
  6. Well thanks for the Lol, op.
  7. You would almost think the bagger was a smoker too.

    Becoma a regular there and he may smoke a nug with you.:hello::smoking:
  8. dude idk why but after i read the part where the convo is i cracked up laughing.

  9. correction(s)

    1. yohoo is the best chocolate drink while high, fuck the milk part.

    2. you always get your drink, especially milk last at the grocery store, who goes there first?:confused:

    3. lukas i'm sorry but you're wrong, why wouldn't he be sketching out? who the fuck says great combo to chocolate milk and taco flavored doritos? everyone knows a pepsi goes w/ doritos best.

  10. i get the milk first because i know where all the isles are in my grocery store so im in and out within 5 mins
  11. hold on why are you supposed to get the milk first

  12. still an unnecessary 5 minutes of holding cold milk in your sweaty warm hands.

    don't let marijuana cripple your decisions in life man, just don't let it.

    and i'll always advise the yohoo, that is just wonderful should come wrapped in a bow or something because they're all special in my eyes.

  13. this guy really knows his munchies. lol
  14. haha thanks for the positive review! After i saw stoner luckas response i thought i would just get flames. but good to know people thought it was funny and sketchy like me :smoke:
  15. Bowl Appetite's are pretty bomb if you're on a budget. they're like a $1.30 and you have these bowls you add water and heat up pastas or macaroni and cheese. better then boiling water, weighing butter and milk, and stirring around all that kraft shit. plus there is a variety which cooks in under 5 minutes, can you really beat that?

    i'd advise never get anything in the deli department that has mayo in it, last trip i got macaroni salad and the mayo hung like string cheese off the sides of the pasta, DISGUSTING.

    kettle chips are better then any chip whether dorito or pringles, they are bomb.

    then there is the extra sharp white cheddar i think with tomato basil wheat thins, cut some slices and put em on crackers, that's delicious and kinda healthy.

    reeses cereal is just great high, don't have to try and catch marshmallows or anything, walmart at the super centers have chocolate marshmallow puffs that is chocolate lucky charms basically, crazy concept, but wonderful.

    and nothing frozen is better then digiorino frozen pizza.

    i saved the thread with this wonderful insight into the grocery store realm of actual munchies which go together. now listen next time for the love of god.
  16. hehe thanks for the advice. im still learning the ways, i only started smoking a couple of months ago. I got a lot of work to do!
  17. i hate it when cashiers ask questions or make comments about my purchases. of course there are exceptions, at my local kroger im pretty freindly with most of them but they dont ask me stupid shit bc they know better..

    usually its just liiiike "nooo questions please. just the food."

    because if you dont just come right out with it and be an asshole they just wont ever let up. there was this one lady at this one store and she'd always be eyeball fucking me and flirting and shit, harrassing me really, and shes was gross so id just be really short, kind of a dick, and never say much..

    but she never let up, she had to make me a bad guy. one day her and one of her associates were just terrorizing me, asking me questions as i was trying to make a purchase, going on about how good that looks and are these any good and how quiet i am and this and that and i was just like "hey. i dont want to talk okay? just cash me out please."

    and that was the end of that. but there were other times, like when i was on my *ahem 'special' diet, that id be buying like nothing but produce and people would say shit and id just be like. "um sure." or something shitty. but my favorite is "no questions, just this stuff please" as i smile and motion toward my items. it fucking works.

    and you know, ive been a cashier. it isnt that difficult to figure out who wants to be talked to and who doesnt. or to pick the right spots to make friendly remarks. and even if youre wrong you can always back off. but some fucking people are just too dense to do that.

    im not sure any of this relates to your thread, but it just came to me.

  18. exactly!

    or when waiters wont shut the fuck up with there side stories or whatever the fuck opener they're trying to present me with. i don't give a fuck pal, i want a coke and no spit on myself or my food is what i really want to say.
  19. paranoid mcgee up in here, dude prob got high and ate that same shit.

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