My Trip to Haight-Ashbury Street...

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    So a few months ago (late December) I went to San Fransisco for a few days I decided to go to Haight-Ashbury district.As soon as I reached that area all I could smell was bud.People would be smoking joints out in the open like it was nothing.Not to mention the shitload of head shops and dispensary's.If I could afford to live there I would.Unfortunately I forgot to go see the Grateful Dead house but I'll be returning in the fall :D.

    So here's the pictures I just got from a relative.

  2. Seems pretty tight. Poor dude just wants a 20 bag.

    I'd like to go out there some time. I'm all the way on the east coast in ATL.

    Above that, I wanna live in Colorado. Beautiful state
  3. I went there last summer, I went to haight an ashbury also, there was so many smokeshops it was ridiculous literally there was 4 in a row. If I could lie there I would in a heart beat.

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