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My trip to Colorado

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Doke Smoper, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I live in Arkansas but recently took a road trip to Las Vegas to watch Nitro Circus Live.  It took 27 hours for us to get to Vegas and we only stopped for bathroom breaks and refueling.  So needless to say we decided to stay overnight somewhere on the way back and I figured Denver was about the halfway point.  So anyway.

    I woke up in Denver and we headed over to the Mile High Recreational Cannabis store.  I have only been to one dispensary, I'm sure this isn't the biggest or nicest, but I liked it.  The staff was nice and friendly, they allowed me to take pictures with the containers and look at everything. 

    I purchased a pre-roll of Cheesequake, a bottle of gummy bears, and 2 grams of Skywalker OG.

    I took that pic at a gas station because I was certain snacks were to be required.  Here is an up close shot of the Skywalker OG


  2. Here is a pic I took of a couple jars of OG Kush just because I'd never seen that much dank altogether lol.  The staff were laughing at how my friend and I were staring and laughing.  It's unbelievable walking into a store full of marijuana, just the smell that hits you when you walk in oh my god. 

  3. It smells good doesn't it! I love when i walk in a club and just that wall of smell just hits you..You know what i want to know...Hows the Quality of the meds?
  4. Well the Cheesequake pre-roll was really good I smoked it as we were heading home and just listened to music.  I got really ridiculously high, but I did smoke that whole thing by myself. 

    The gummy bears were strange.  They kicked in a lot quicker than I thought they would, I guess because they are just sugar and thc oil they break down quicker.  The high with edibles is always a little different, but they were nice.  I'd have to eat 4 or 5 before I was too high. 

    The Skywalker OG is something different altogether.  It might be the most potent stuff I've smoked.  After only 3 or 4 hits each time I was blazed hard.  The smell and taste of it is really swampy and kind of sour.  It actually tastes bad, but in a good way.  It's good for quick stoning because it seemed to kick in immediately, I felt it before I exhaled.
  5. I want to go to colorado to smoke some legal Cannabis
  6. It was wonderful.  The feeling I had just walking into a store, seeing all the different strains, edibles, oils, etc.  Then just saying, "Yes, I would like to purchase marijuana please!"  and the store clerk saying, "Yes sir, we can sell you marijuana!", and then smoking the marijuana and being high and having broken no laws and feeling no paranoia. 

    Now that I'm back in Arkansas I feel like an activist.  How dare they try to arrest me for marijuana!  Some people get to buy from stores and get high and its fine, but because of where I live I am a criminal. 
  7. Sorry i live in cali and have a MMJ Lisense
  8. Yea I think it may be a bit hard for people on the West coast to understand how people from the South and Midwest react.  The overall attitude toward marijuana is just so much different here.  For instance there are a lot of people where I live that have never smoked anything but shitty mexican brick weed.  Literally they have never had quality marijuana ever.  I'm lucky that I have connections to Colorado already so I get lots of nice strains, and get to dab and things like that, but most people where I live don't even know what wax or dab is. 
  9. makes me want to stay in colorado now..I was planning on moving back east
  10. How are the prices on the edibles for the quality?
  11. I heard it's overpriced bud until more shops open up
    It's not as bad as I thought it would be.  The edibles were $20 for 10 gummies.  Most strains were only like $10-15 per gram.  Where I come from OG Kush costs $25 per gram, so it seemed cheap to me.  I guess people living there and in Cali with medical cards might see that as expensive.
  13. 45 per eighth..if your lucky

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