My Trip To Asia W/ Pics

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  1. Hey Blades! This is my first real post here so I just want to say thank you for making this community as enjoyable as it is. So... I recently had the opportunity to travel around Asia for two weeks. Hands down the best experience of my life. Saw everything from the beautiful to the sad, and things that really made me reconsider what I have been doing with my life in the past. I sparted out in Taipei, headed over to Tokyo, then Kyoto/Nara. After I flew to Beijing and then flew out of Hong Kong. Here are a few of my highlight photos.


  2. Damn, that looks dope simmerdownjack. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    How long was the trip altogether? Did anything surprise you? Were you abel to bring home any goodies?
    There is so much history in the Asian culture, it's really amazing. The pollution and government control I could do without but certain places in China seem so cool and interesting to me.
  3. Thanks for sharing. Did you go on this adventure by yourself? 
    I've been wanting to plan an adventure trip for myself but not sure how things would go being by myself.
  4. dude my only question: which place is the best for getting high
  5. India
  6. Wow, nice album you have uploaded. It seems that you have enjoy a lot. Thats the true meaning of a trip. I also planning to texas bird hunting. My friend suggested me a good quality Marquee to avoid any sudden changes in weather and gets fresh in the morning to enjoy in better meaning.
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    Nice alubm you have uploaded. It seems that you enjoy it in true meaning. I've also planning for Texas bird hunting. My friend suggested me to bring a good quality Marquee with me to avoid any sudden changes in weather and gets fresh in the morning.
    outdoor shelter
    Nothing else compares, apart from maybe Cambodia
  9. - The full trip was a little under two weeks. Wish I was able to stay longer as I really just began to scrape the surface of each country.
    - A lot of things surprised me. Mostly the differences between family life in the U.S. and Asia, and the socially-acceptable actions that differ between nations. There's a big culture change from Tokyo to Beijing. But all in all, the eastern part of the world has embraced the western and vice versa.
    - Brought home some trinkets and postcards. I also made it my mission to bring back a rock from every country I visited. Might seem kinda lame, but I've set up a sick looking shine in my room with everything.

  10. That's awesome i couldn't stop watching. Stories like this always inspire. I can't wait to be done with school and have no obligations and just go.

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