My trees are flowering - but they have to come inside for 2 weeks.

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  1. I live in a condo and my trees are on my deck - which is rotting and has to be replaced. I am told it will take 1 to 2 weeks. My trees are flowering. Will this effect them? Or should I try to re-home them? I was thinking of just bringing them inside? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  2. Do you have an alternate light source inside that you'll be able to put them under?
  3. I could buy a light - there are five huge trees. I wouldn't know what to buy? Do you have any idea what type of light they would need.?
  4. I don't grow outdoors and I don't grow photo-periods so I'll save the advice for members with better information and more experience with that.
  5. Thank you!!!
  6. Like how big are they? Any pics. How far into flower are they?
  7. They have just started flowering -- and they are fast.

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  8. I would say try and re home them temporarily otherwise you have to get pretty big lights to get even close to the sun
  9. Yeah - I can do that - but it will be kind of hard to move them.
  10. I think they will be way better off outside. You can bring them in and keep them in front of a window but then you risk them getting light during there dark period and reverting back to veg.
    P.S. Good looking plants
  11. It would be best if you could keep them outside but if you must bring them in I'd say go ahead and do it. I've had light problems with my inside plants during about the early middle of flower and had to use inferior lighting for a few days until I could replace my ballast and it stunted my buds. I don't see the flowers on your plants so maybe it's early enough it won't affect them as severely as it affected mine. Hopefully someone who's actually done what you need to do will post their experiences.
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  12. Thank you so much - it is a REALLY annoying problem. My plants are healthy and just starting to bud. I can put them by a window, or a light. I'd rather keep them in my home - because I think they could get damaged moving them as they are so big. I REALLY appreciate all the replies.
  13. Thanks for the compliment - they do get darkness at night now. I am just wondering what is the worst thing that could happen to them? I can keep them by a window - or a light?
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  14. I know they get darkness at night now but if you have them inside and someone turns on a light in the house then they could get stressed or revert back to veg if the light was on long enough
  15. I have a bit sliding glass door - that gets sun. I'm thinking of putting them in front of it -- since it is just a week, maybe two at most. I think moving them would be hard - they are delicate. I may buy a few lights to supplement. It really sucks - not good luck. But - THANK you for all of your support. I really like this forum. Also - I will keep the room they are in dark at night - so they will be on their same time table.
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  16. honestly you have a shitty situation on your hands youll need a lot of lighting for 5 big plants inside and them being transfered is probaly not great for overall stress and pest management. but i think you can pull if off with the right lighting/overall enviornment inside for a few weeks. id also be worried about height to if they havent stretched yet and havent been trained but again you can pull if off especially with lsting heavilly take to some indoor growers and ask opinion and start researching lights if you fuck that up your yields will be hurt badly
  17. Thanks - I'm going to bring them in and leave them next to sliding glass doors that go to deck --they will get the same light, just not as much. I'm keeping my fingers crossed - as they are really flowering and budding.

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