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  1. ok, so im a first time grower and Im currently in the process of setting up my trash can grow box. Ive bought a 121 L plastic trash can with a lid, covered the whole inside with tinfoil and reflective tape. I am hanging a double light bulb adapter from the lid with 2 60 wat CFL lights. I recently ordered  a AC Infinity AI-120SCXD Speed Control Fan Kit and a Ranged Dual 120mm fan kit for 30$ and plan to have one fan at approx. 10 cm away from the bottom of the  trash can as a intake and the other fan installed on the top of the lid for an exhaust. And once the plant begins to smell i will install a home made carbon filter attached to the exhaust (if that fails ill pitch out the $80 and buy and carbon scrubber/fan). right now the temp is 30 degrees and humidity is at 40 (with out fans) . Ill have my fans and seeds in within the next few days and cant wait to start growing. I have two 8 inch pots and im attempting to grow a  Pyramid Auto Purple Feminised Seed along with a Heavyweight 2 Fast 2 Vast Autoflowering Feminised Seed.
    any help, tips, comments or criticism is welcome. pics will be added if people post to this 

  2. No foil paint I white or get mylar or panda film. Just not foil it will cause hot spots. After you have it built let's see some pics sounds interesting.
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    darm... i already have it covered in tin foil, there goes ten bucks (im a poor uni student). i guess i can re do it quickly before the fan/seeds come in !! thanks for the advise 
  4. Sounds like garbage to me! Lol

    Just kidding man, I'm interested to see how it comes out!
  5. just an update if anyones still interested, Seeds are in and im germinating via the papertowl process. Ive painted the inside of the trash bin   with flat white paint and i filed my pots with miracle grow potting soil. ( people say to buy specialized weed soil but idk where to get cheap shit. (im a poor uni student). Im still waiting on the fans though hopefully they come b4 the seeds germinate. also any recommendations for nutrients ? i know i shouldnt feed my autos till week 4 but i dont know what to feed them.
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  6. never used it but from what Ive heard about Miracle Gro soil is you are going to run hot. I wouldn't worry about adding nutes until you see deficiency, I think salt buildup will be the bigger problem.

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