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My town V.2

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. Just saw critter's post, thought I'd post a few pics of my town.

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  2. here's another:

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  3. I'm a lucky guy to live in such a great place. Ahhh, fresh mountain air, great weed, good people, what more could I ask?
  4. far out!

    wish things were as interesting to look at where i am. nuthin but gentle rolling green hills, islands and houses dotted about everywhere.
  5. digit, scotland seems so nice. well atleast to me. Id like to see if i pictured right your scotland in my head from all the books and things ive read.
  6. colorado rocks.... i hope you ski or snowboard :p
    any mountain town would be an amazing place to live.... if i were to post a "my town", it would be pice of flat land, some corn, a dirty river, and a huge casino. welcome to michigan lol
  7. wow that place looks awesome. a lil to cold for me to live there but looks like an awesome place to take a weeks vacation.

    Whats going on with that mountain, is that a avalanche or some shit ????

  8. yep, that's an avalanche.
  9. Wow, great pics. I would love to toke there!!

  10. that is just wayyyyy tooooo cool!
  11. i should mention that the ski area bombs that slope every year to decrease avalanche danger. So there's an avalance similar to that every year.

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