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  1. So first off this is my first grow, The strain is cheese(that's all the cups said on them from the club was "cheese".) I have been on GC an unhealthy amount of time in the last couple weeks and can't get enough of it, its awesome here.
    So I had my way at topping and the results were not as expected.

    This was done about a week ago I think

    So where I topped it there has been no new growth, instead what happened is the growth that was right below it took over and became the new top. All 7 of them did not top in a conventional way but 2 did this where the growth stopped and secondary growth became the new top.
    Thinking I should have topped a little lower down and maybe this would not have happened. After I started seeing this I fimmed a few of them and they seem to be responding better to that.
    If I haven't seen new growth in a week should i just move the old top aside and make room for the new one?

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  2. the fw times I have topped I was not as happy as when I fimmed. However, it was only a couple times I did it. I just hate cutting on them, but I am going to try it more in the future along with LST due to limited tent space. HOpe things work out.


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