My Top Chef Competition Tomorrow

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    I am in this community program for homeless people and people at risk of homelessness for ages 18-21.
    Tomorrow I am participating in an "Iron Chef" competition.
    Basically it's my dish against another dude's dish. We have to have one meat and one vegetable.

    All the kids who some are the ones living at the place, some living at home, still some at another place living. They all get to vote on Taste, Presentation, Creativeness, Originality, and Execution. And there is a judge panel of four people. I guess the averages are averaged together.

    I am cooking spaghetti with angel hair pasta, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, and onions in it in addition to the ground beef. With a side of steamed broccoli and maybe garlic bread.
    The other guy is making macaroni and cheese with tuna in it I think, from a box. And canned peas or green beans.

    I just did an affirmation ritual, writing down on a piece of paper a note imaging myself having been there on time and cooked it in time, it being good, and being judged favorable. Then I burned it. Just a ritual. Can't possibly hurt.

    When I cook the spaghetti should I cook the peppers and onions first and then put it in the sauce or the other way around?

    How long should it take to cook the spaghetti and the broccoli?
  2. you should Sauté the peppers first in a pan with some olive oil then you can put them in your sauce;)

  3. Thanks.
  4. Good luck bro..............You are gonna kick ass. + rep for the spell. Rock it.
    peace B
  5. you should make mozzerlla stuffed buffalo meatballs and smoke them, and a spciey ass tomatoe suace.

  6. sweet. definitely cook peppers and onions first, spaghetti doesnt really have a time. keep checking every 1-2 minutes for doneness, until you can bite through to it with little resistance. steamed broccoli should be about 5 minutes but check at 4.

    a few tips...
    i dont know how much time you have, but if you can, after steam the broccoli, cook it with a little oil and garlic. will make a boring plate of green tops quite delectable.
    for the garlic bread, add a little paprika to the garlic butter. it will add a very slight smokey flavor, along with a beautiful red-orange color that will appeal to the eye.

    knock em dead
  7. Follows your Heart. No chef can beat a stoner in the kitchen.
  8. i read what the other guy was cooking, and was like ewwwwwwwwwww :eek:

    you got this man, spaghetti and meat is the shit; and nearly impossible to fuck up:smoke:
  9. If you're really doing an Iron Chef-like competition, you should know the answer to all of your questions already...
  10. If you lose to a dude making mac and cheese mixed with tuna .... :eek:
  11. What kind of meat and bones are you using in your sauce to give it flavor? Here is a good recipe.

    1 onion, large, diced
    2 cans of whole plum tomatoes
    2 cans of tomato paste and then fill each can with water to add as well once they've been emptied
    2 cans crushed tomatoes
    1 bulb of garlic coarsely chopped
    4 tablespoons of olive oil
    several bone-in pork chops
    several pieces of stewing beef
    meatballs if you know how to make them (that recipe I won't share)
    1 tsp. sugar

    Saute the onion and garlic in the oil.
    Dump in all the tomato products.
    Cook on medium-low for 3 hours.
    Add the meat and cook for 2 more hours.

    This sauce will destroy fucking box mac and cheese.
  12. Just dont forget te cream fraiche!
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    Well I smashed his ass :hello::hello::hello:
    According to the 4-judge panel and the 6 other people that were their and cast a lesser vote.
    Everyone in the judge panel was all like, the pasta is al dente, not hard or mushy, the bell peppers are perfect and a little crunchy, the onions are good in there. I got a little certificate. But now I have to think of something to cook next, the guy I have to beat next had the best food yet supposedly, he made Jamaican meatloaf.
    The guy who I owned tonight made like a tuna and macaroni and cheese casserole, but it was dry and generally wasn't as dank as my spaghetti. :]

    Actually from the other voters my score was a 99 to his 84.
    They really liked his too, it's just it didn't look good and wasn't as colorful or anything like mine. He also didn't season it very good, no butter and not enough salt in his canned peas.
    For taste I got a 5/5 from 2 judges and a 4/5 from the other 2 judges.
    For presentation I got all 5/5 from the judges except 1 who gave a 4/5.

    A couple people asked me if I put sugar in my spaghetti and I said no.
    When they asked what the name of my dish was(has to have a name) I told them Giuseppi's Spaghetti.
    Which is Joseph's Spaghetti in Italian. :smoke:

    We are supposedly having minor celebrities judge the final round.
    We don't know what the prize will be.
    I also think it's in the paper? Idk though.
  14. ahaha that sounds so fun dude
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    Lol dude. I started cooking 3 hours before you posted this.
    But thanks. Sounds good, might try it at home. :smoke:

    It was man, I didn't even get to taste it though!
    I fucking loaded up the judge's plates, I asked how much to put and he was like however much you think.
    The last guy that got a tiny plate barely had any sauce haha.
    So I was just basically fixing a plate like I would have wanted to eat lol. I was hungry as fuck.
    I ended up eating some of the other guy's dry ass tuna lol. Nah it was good, but so dry hahaha.
  16. You should come cook for me. I'll supply the weed, you supply the munchies. My mouth is watering!

    Any ideas on your next meal? Hahaha you should cook something using cannabutter!
  17. A stoner chef would smash the shit out of any non stoner chef.
  18. [​IMG]
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    I would love to!! But..1. Your in Canada, eh? 2. I'm on probation right now, which means 4. I can't leave the county, let alone the country lol and 5. I can't have weed 6. I have no idea what I'm going to cook yet, maybe stuffed salmon, or tilapia, I'm thinking fish.

  20. Hahaha this isn't gonna work; you're on probation and I'm on house arrest :)

    Try something with smoked salmon, that shit makes my mouth waterrrrrrrrr..

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