My Top 12 Hip Hop Albums of All Time (HATE ALL YOU WANT)

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    This is a very personal thing for everyone, so don't be surprised if mine is completely different than what you are are used to seeing. Feel free to post your own lists and give feedback and shit.
    from my music ish:

    12. Dyme Def- Space Music:
    Three of the most talented MC's on the west coast. This was the start of something BIG. Party music with great beats thanks to Bean One, and the lyricism is crazy from Brainstorm, Fearce Villain, and S.E.V. If you haven't heard this album, go learn yourself some hip hop.

    11. Jay-Z & Danger Mouse- The Grey Album:
    I'm gonna save myself alot of writing- JUST LISTEN.

    10. Blu & Exile- Below the Heavens:
    This is what an album is supposed to be. Following in the footsteps of Eric B. & Rakim, and CL Smooth and Pete Rock just to name a few, the full album produced by one guy with one guy rapping is a work of art. Exile's beats are unbelievable, setting a soundscape for Blu's poetic delivery to shine. Only bad part of this album was the Crass Knucks collabo with Ta'Raach. Not like Ta'Raach is bad, he is really pretty decent, but the guest feature sounds out of place among the intimacy of Blu's lyrics throughout the rest of the album.

    9. Murs & 9th Wonder- Murray's Revenge:
    The second in the trilogy (so far) from Murs and 9th, this is great west coast rap with east coast production. Great shit, that's all I can say on this really.

    8. Diverse- One A.M.:
    Produced almost exclusively by big names like RJD2 and Prefuse 72, this album has some crazy beats and Diverse rides them great. One of the best rappers from Chicago.

    7. Binary Star- Masters of the Universe:
    The lyricism of One Be Lo and Senim Silla, along with all their Waterworld counterparts is just crazy.

    6. Big L- The Pig Picture:
    I know it's a compilation and shit, but I feel it does greater justice to Big L's lyrical talents that Lifestyles ov Da Poor and Dangerous. That's to say nothing of The Freestyle History. The greatest lyricist of all time, hands down.

    5. Black Star- Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star:
    Mos and Talib, what else do you need to know?

    4. AZ- The Format:
    Shouldn't be a surprise to see one of the greatest lyricists of all time on this list, but why not one of his classic older albums? Because almost every song on this album is AZ at his best. Listen to The Format, Get High, and Make Me and you'll know what I'm talking about.

    3. Nas- Illmatic:
    Do I need to explain this?

    2. Danger Mouse & Jemini- Ghetto Pop Life:
    Yes, another producer/emcee collabo album. I really feel that this sort of album allows both the production and lyricism to excel, leading the listener through a musical story, rather than just randomly assorted tracks. Guests like Price Po and Tha Alkaholics, along with Jemini's multi-faceted delivery make this one of the most varied albums I've ever heard. This got me into rap music, the second rap album I ever heard after the Grey Album.

    1. Common Market- Common Market:
    RA Scions lyrical prowess never fails to amaze me, and the way he crafts his rhymes around Sabzi's beats leads to some of the most thought provoking, inspiring, and contemplative lyrics I've ever heard. Not one song on this debut album from the Seattle duo lets me down, and it continues to recieve spin time on my shuffle every day. (Tobacco Road is dropping Sept. 9th, brace yourselves.)

    This was a personal list, and it took me hours to think of. Of course I respect all the classic shit and listen to it alot, so don't be all up in arms asking where's the Biggie or Pac or Pun or Wu-Tang you know. Of course ATCQ all that classic stuff, I'm not gonna justify my reasons these are just my personal favorite albums, catered to my taste. I'm sure I left some of my own favorites out and this isn't binding or anything, just what I could think of now.
  2. I gotta stay bro I agree with all that and thank you for the Common Market CD.

    I think you'll love these two sites that I get all my music from.

    The first is definitely more of an underground.
    Second is what the name entails, it has everything new and shit like that.

    Since you have good taste in hip hip I must ask you this question
    If you haven't heard L.A.X yet go download it and tell me what you think of The Game becoming the next Tupac.
    I know thats a little out of proportion but the way in which The Game blends a hardcore g theme with more emotional tracks reminds me of Tupac with "Hit em up" vs "Dear Mama"

    Peace, enjoy the sites
  3. i actually have a blog

    peace man thanks. and no i have only heard a few songs off l.a.x. but its on my list of things to listen to.
  4. Ah yeah you should definitely get around to it

    And thanks for the blog it looks legit ill pass it around to my friends

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    Some dope albums there any chance someone can post a download link for the Common Market - Common Market & maybe the Dyme Def - Space Music?
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    wu tang - 36 chambers
    mobb deep - the infamous
    biggie - ready to die
    nas - illmatic
    jay-z - reasonable doubt
    raekwon - only built for cuban linx
    ugk - ridin dirty
    outkast - atliens
    geto boys - the resurrection
    juvenile - 400 degreez
    2pac - me against the world
    dr. dre - the chronic
  7. no 36 chambers?
  8. wu-tang is sick but its just not one of my personal favorites, dont get me wrong i definitley listen to them but not that much...
  9. Cool list.

    I'm not sure what my top 12 would be, but it would definitely contain this record:


    Quasimoto - The Unseen

    have you heard that one? Damn, it's brilliant. It's Madlib's first album under his helium-pitched alter-ego, Quasimoto. A stoner concept record.
  10. very nice... reppin' that Common Market/Blue Scholars up in Seattle for ya :)
  11. dyme def too hushlittlelady! i guess this is sort of more of a best albums of the 2000s, with the exception of illmatic, big l, and a few others
  12. thats a good list, I mean I know some people might hate but everyone thinks different songs are there favorite

    ^^this guy knows hip hop

    except I would replace
    ugk, geto boys, with it takes a nation of millions to hold us back-Public Enemy, the blueprint(I mean it was jay-z's reasonable doubt 2, and it also introduced the world to a young kid named Kanye West) then

    atliens with stankonia
  13. the grey album should be more around number 4 i love that album so much.
  14. Yeah that Diverse record is the shit! Prefuse 73, Madlib, Rjd2 is a sick lineup.

    That Binary is classic shit. S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. is a solid ass record from One Be Lo also.

    The first Quasimoto joint is absolutely classic to me.

    Murray's Revenge was slick, but I like Murs 3:16 better, personally.

    Pretty good list though.
  15. my man

    very good list only albums i might add would be 36 chambers, and blueprint by jay-z, and mybe black star
  16. Im not trying to be mean but I listen to rap and hip hop alot but i haven't really heard of any of those albums. Are they mixtapes or lp's.
  17. these are all LPs my man.
  18. common market is awesome

    if you like them you will like the djs other group that is really big in seattle but no where else

    blue scholars
  19. We have a somewhat difference taste in rap, but it's all good, to each his own. This is my favorite rap album of all time, it's cold.

  20. LPs. They are more underground than what you hear on the radio, better as well. What do you listen too?

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