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    READ FIRST!!!!!: Please do not post any pics of anything or other topics on this thread. i just want to make this a thread of what i got. comments and questions are accepted just please quote the piece you are talking about. i post all new tools i get on this thread so check through out thread for my tools. Thanks :smoke:

    UPDATE: just ordered new pipe and bong, will post when delivered
    UPDATE: found Lt. dan :) posting a pic
    UPDATE: finaly named wikipipe, Shwimp Fwia :)
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    Name: lil bit
    Type: Metal, Unscrewable
    Description: not much to say about this guy. mine is actualy purple but same as this one, used to be my travel pipe. its metal and can unscrew into a mushroom key chain. its a decent hitting pipe but it clogs to easy and gets hot to easy :( great pipe for four dollars lol, definetly got my moneys worth :) pretty close to retiring this one

  3. Name: Fuego Besador (fire kisser)
    Type: Wood, Chameleon
    Length: 5"
    Description: i named it fire kisser cause this is no beginner pipe, it feels like your inhlaing fire and blow out tons of smoke (fire). and you hit it on the lips (kisser) and its from mexico (fuego besador) this is one of my house pipes, i got it at a local head shop for 15 dollars. this is the hardest hitting anything ive ever smoked out of and its definetly no joke. i had doubts when buying it but figured if it didnt work to good i could always use as a deco pipe

    (Click for larger images)


  4. theres what i got at the moment, could you please delete your post just clear the gap perty please :D
  5. hey man. nice piece that bottom one is probably the coolest pipe i have seen in a while. is it a original or a mass produced??
  6. Digin that little metal pipe at the top it looks just so original
  7. one of my buddys has a pipe like that first one and does his mom lol but i remeber smoking some lemon kush outta that thing....good times but anyway havnt seen one in a while id love to find one ha nice
  8. it was hand made in mexico actualy
  9. google mushroom pipe keychain thyre not hard to find i got mine from a local head shop tohugh
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    Name: Shwimp Fwia
    Type: metal, pipe, lighter, stash box combo
    Description: This is the best pipe ive ever owned. i just got it yesterday and absulotly love it. ithe things i like about it most is it all you need, its fast, and you can prepack a bowl and save it for later. you can also use it one handed with is a really fun thing. the one i bought actualy has a metal cap instead of rubber in the pics. it also is refillable and has a flame adjuster which comes it handy. it was around 45 dollars but worth every penny and also came with a case, cleaner and screwdriver. this is also my new travel pipe. works great for vacations with the fam. from far away it just looks like your lightin a cigarette. i definetly recomend this pipe to everyone




  11. Okay man thats enough showing off..your getting me jealous :D
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    Name: Lt. Dan
    Type: Ceramic, Camo
    Description: This is one of my first pipes, its not the greastest pipe but i still use it every once in a blue moon. not much to say about it its pretty plain jane. no carb......... O! and i got the name from Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump cause its camo :)

  13. Threads like these make me miss my pipe it was metal with a wooden mouthpeice so you didnt get no metal taste...then i got caught and my dad gave it away to some guy who probally smoking crack with it right now
  14. haha damn that sucks, i know how it is about always wishing you could go back to the way things were. it kills. ***** i just found the best way to get fucked up with a little bit of vodka :p) and im str8 fucked up right now haha

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