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My Tolerance Resets After Everytime I Get High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Black_Chamber, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Most people talk about how high they got the first couple of times and how they can never achieve that again; its the opposite for me. When I first started getting high I got the 'typical' stoner high: munchies, general elation, laughing at shit thats not funny. But over the years my highs have gradually gotten more intense. Even though I was smoking regularly, I've been getting higher, there was no tolerance building. Last night was the highest i've ever been. Just a deep medative/one with nature type of high. I surprise myself how high I get sometimes.

    am I a freak of nature? its crazy, my tolerance just resets the next day after getting high.
  2. well, my tolerance doesnt 'reset' per se but it doesnt fluctuate very much. i've been smoking daily for a little over a year, rarely skipping a day or several. i've got a good connect who gets well grown purple cindy and big glue, with some other unknown ch9 strains (alotta jack herer genes i think). all organic, all good, gets me just as high.

    i think having well grown bud makes all the difference...
  3. For me, a lot of the "high" is effected by my state of mind and mood at the time. If I were to get really high at work, I may not feel really high because of all of the pressure to not looked "stoned" while at work. However, if I don't get that high, but I am at home at night, listening to some good music in bed, relaxing, the "high" can feel intense. Thats my 2 cents anyway :D
  4. My tolerance never goes down, since all I smoke is Medical Marijuana, powerful shit man!:hello::smoking::D
  5. All you gotta do is smoke face blunts when your already baked. You'll be in another dimension and your tolerance will go up.
  6. Having better bud does make all the difference..with nice smoke you'll get the hit each time you have it...Your obviously only ever chasing the high that you first kinda set, if you make a fatty in the morn, you'll be chasin that fatty with another fatty after, if it wasnt as fat, you'd be chasing a less amount of thc, this is for poor times! Over time course you build a general tollerence up but say you have a bigger gap over night of not smoking, you'll feel anything you have the next day that little bit more, than say if you was smoking till 4 in the morn then spark one at 10..
  7. For anyone who incists that they have a high tolarence,

    Get sober(wake up and dont smoke), smoke 1 gram of the best dope you can find, go down to the local law enforcement establishment and see how close you can get to the building. I bet you will be feeling pretty high and pretty paraniod lol:D

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