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my tolerance is extremely low, and its not good.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kmoarriinea, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. My and my gf went on a 2 month break cause of summer jobs and our last day of work was Wednesday and we lit up on Thursday. Well anyways our normal guy is out of town so she got hooked up with her sisters friend who grows. We've had her stuff before and it was really nice. But this shit now is wow, some serious dank. Maybe its me and my tolerance or its the green cause this has me on the floor in one hit. And I could usually take 7 or 8 to get a nice high. But now more than 3 at a time makes me extremely nauseous and dizzy and its a scary high. And this stuff lasts for hours. Like forever. But I really hope its not me. Cause the feeling is not good. I've just now been able to take 2 hits and be okay. Idk what it is. Any ideas?
  2. high quality weed, low tolerance

    smoke more :smoke:
  3. I love low tolerance
    Just take a hit and breath. Don't keep smoking. I love taking hits and being like "hello sunshine "
  4. 3-5 hits and I'm openin up cloud 10 :D
  5. Smoke less, and enjoy the low tolerance. Saves money too.
  6. Dude I hear you. Last night was my first time smoking in almost 4 weeks (time before that was a month and a half earlier) and I took like 12 hits (my most in one sesh is like 10). I fucking blew chunks everywhere after like 45 minutes. I didn't even know that was possible. It was not fun and I should have been way more responsible :/
  7. You can't get "too high" because your tolerance is low. After a certain point, you can't actually get any higher. Your mind just is so set on expecting it to go wrong, it does, lol.
  8. Your weed was laced with smack
  9. There was at least 7 people who had it too who wasn't the same way I was. But yeah I've realized that one hit and getting a buzz is wayy better than fuckin myself up and I haven't really been able to it and all which isn't normal for me but hopefully things settle out cause its good shit. It just makes me trip to hard with certain stuff. Like almost passing out. I've had to reject my girlfriend at times because the trip is too much. But I heard from very wise woman "don't let the weed control you, you control it" I'm still working on that..
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    Dope line. I agree with you 100%. I dunno about everyone else, but I hate gettin too fucked up now. I never had to reject the pussy though, I actually find that calms me down a bit. But I had times where I probably would've just because of the trip. I definitely like the strong buzz too. 2-4 hits get me from (nice - blasted). But i only really smoke pretty good quality bud.
  11. I envy people with low tolerences... I have a fat ass gram of dank in front of me and I can't decide, .2 now to hold me over till the morning then the rest or the whole gram now :mad:

    And my buddy can smoke a gram of regs and be higher then me after a quarter oz in one sitting :mad:
  12. yea people should be thankful for low tolerance. It may not be so "cool" in group settings but by yourself, damn that shits nice! lol
  13. I'm looking forward to ending my 28 day t-break pretty soon. I'm hoping at that point it will be at 0 and it is like the first few times smoking.

    I can only hope this break is worth it.
  14. Thays just called yourweedsmackedyouinyhefacelikealittlebitch syndrome, I suggest you calm down and enjoy the super lowntolerance and ability to dave sso much weed
  15. #15 kmoarriinea, Aug 2, 2011
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    It really does snack me in the face like a little bitch. True story.
  16. #16 Bank of Dank, Aug 2, 2011
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    I love weed like that haha. But damn I wish I could get fucked up aftrr a hit
  17. #17 kmoarriinea, Aug 2, 2011
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    Yeah what I have is usually decent. But this is from a special friend its better then normal street stuff here. Its not even us having sex, its her touching new and kissing and stuff. But it really coulds just be how damn fine my girl is. (;

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