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  1. Haha I apparently love blue. But here are my toking tools, just 2 (for now).

    The double bubbler cost my 50$, well worth it and my newest edition.

    My small bowl was my first piece ever bought.

    My next purchase is a Sherlock, not that into bongs, but I'll definitely look into it. Any suggestions on a good sherlock let me know. I actually care about color so black is preferable but any suggestion would be nice.

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  2. That's a sick double bub. I really love the blue swirls.
  3. Yeah bro, thats what made me get it, I hate getting plain looking stuff. I also got it from the headshop around the area. Gotta support our local artists.
  4. both of those pieces look really cool. amazing design/color scheme. good shit man
  5. Thanks man, I'm just not sure if a single or double bubbler was the way to go. The guy behind the counter said double has smoother hits, but I havent tried a single yet.
  6. sweet bubbler. I'm tempted to get a quad bubbler soon.
  7. damn never seen a double bubbler
  8. Nice bubbler, I had a orange sherlock that was wonderful, definitely worth the 50-60 that you'll spend on a nice double blown one. I also had a 3-chambered bubbler too it was shaped like a snake until a friend dropped an ashtray on it...
  9. Damn, a quad bubbler and a 3 chamberd one? Thats pretty tight, let me know how smooth those hits are
  10. The three chambered hit smooth as shit, deep hits though, you think you clear it and there'd still be a few chambers filled with smoke. It gives you about the same high and feeling as a bong and it burns a bit slower, if you got the cash you should definitely pick one up.
  11. I like how the colors of your bubbler and bowl match. Also that bubbler looks sick, and some sweet smooth hits.:hello:
  12. My friend has the exact same bowl haha.
  13. Nice. Good price on the bubbler too.

  14. Haha, are you and your friend from Gainesville? I bought all my stuff from the headshop around the university.
  15. do you fill your multi-chambered hand-blown bubblers with water, or do you just use them dry? I would imagine it would be very difficult getting the water out of the furthest chambers.
  16. To ND, its not that hard, you just put your fingers one the ends, and shake it until the water has settled in each chamber. Use your brain infadel.
  17. Jut an update on all my tools so far (minus the weed).

    Once I get a sweett bong, I'll update it.

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