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  1. Here is a Family pic of all my toking tools^,^

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  2. nice collection you got there brotha
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  4. I dig that rasta bong man.:cool:
  5. thank you all for your commments and props, i would have said thanks last night(i think i tried lol) but i was smoking my girl and a few of her friends out last night.
    i made a big feast of elk steak, mashed potatoes and freash green beans right out of our garden, it was pretty epic lol
    thanks all^,^
  6. I love those bongs dude. Nice collection.
  7. if you or anyone else would like to know more about any perticuler peice in my collection feel free to ask about them and ill post better high res of them^,^

  8. what does everyone else like to smoke from? whats your fav piece?
  9. nice collection dude :smoking:
  10. Can you post a zoomed in pic of the big bong, I've seen a few bongs with that same grip
  11. nice family ya got there. my favs the mini bong hahaa
  12. nice soft glass dude. gotta love em, nice eye appeal for relativily cheap. nice fam
  13. Great collection my friend i'm loving that rasta bong and that mini bong too.
  14. Hey dude what is that thing the middle thats blue..

  15. it is a torch for taking knife hits. i have a pretty nice set of glass knives, you cant really see them in the pic, but the handles have magnifiers with yellow and blact mushrooms in the centre. They work fantasticly too i might add:smoking:
  16. Dude that black one with the spikes in the bottom right looks dope as fuck
    You have to post a close up of that

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