My toking experince with a Rastafarian

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  1. So I live in Minnesota and my parents grew up here and my mom's best friend from high school is in town from Jamaica where they retired. They happened to bring their best friend down there and we will call him J.

    When I first met J I saw a man with 3 foot long dread locks and a Bob Marley outfit with weed signs all over it and an unkempt beard. He had a relaxed attitude towards everything and is a vegetarian. We ate dinner talked showed him what Minnesota summers have to offer. Everybody was getting drunk(except me for being under 21) and it was getting late and everyone was going to bed. So i decided to ask him if he wanted to smoke and I whipped out my 2 foot peculator bong. His eyes got huge he talked about how they pretty much only smoke joints. So i packed that sucker up and took a massive rip. It was funny to me how i have only been smoking for around 2 years and was teaching a 34 year-old Rastafarian how to hit a bong. And boy did we get blitzed:smoke:

    We started talking about his home and how everything is different down there, we also talked about crime friends and how to get through life and come out on top. We also talked about just trying to do whats right and thats what his philosphy is in life. He even told me a story when he was with a friend who stole a bunch of cocaine from a Coke lord and how the friend didn't tell him this. And when they were chilling and went outside for a smoke a hitman comes up shoots his friend in the chest puts the gun up to his head and he hears a click. And it turns out the gun jammed.

    That was some deep shit and it was a really great experience learning about other people and being able to bond through the use of the herb. It also made me re-examine my life and the people who I hang out with and it helped me understand the shit you can get into.
  2. thats fucking awesome man lol .
  3. Wait, was he drinking?
  4. I don't think true rastafarians drink, although im sure there are exceptions. but maybe you just met a really laid back jamaican dude? either way great story +rep
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    Yea he had a few wasn't drunk though, He says that it is up to an individual to decide if he or she drinks, he says he drinks but not to get drunk. And thanks for the rep it was pretty cool.
  6. No rastafarians in my family drink except for one or two. You're 'permitted' to drink just not in excess and not enough to meddle with your thinking.
  7. Interesting experience. Must have been scary for him to have a gun to his head only to hear a click. If that happened to me, the click would have been like God's gift to me lol. I would have pissed my pants :eek:
  8. Sounds like you met a cool friend. What part of the island was he from?
  9. once i heard that click it would of been 100 mile dash fuck yards.
  10. That is to cool man, I think every one should smoke with a a rastarfarian at some point in their life. Its amazing how one person can change your views on life.
  11. Damn dude I'm jealous, that sounds fuckin awesome. I love meeting people that're just soooo ridiculous. My high school art teacher went to woodstock and vietnam, now he's one crazy mother fucker.
    he's the man though :D
  12. sounds way cool. And you people saying when you heard the click you would have ran? When I saw a guy with a gun approaching, I woulda booked it.
  13. ...says the religious group who smokes blunts to the face as part of their daily rituals.

    Sorry, no disrespect meant, I'm just having fun swimming through the thick, rich, irony here...:cool:
  14. hell yeah man sounds mad chill. +repageness
  15. So I was talking to him again today and it turns out he is from Jamaica but now live in the US virgin islands so I don't need a passport to go and visit my friends down there. It's gonna be a crazy summer. And the hitman came up behind him and put the gun to his head to clarify. But it was an awesome experince. So I said my good byes and he said he had tears for how nice our family was to him just a good old fashioned feel good moment:wave:.
  16. Sounds like a cool dude. But yo I was wondering what did he do when the gun jammed? I mean did he run, backhand the dude, etc. Just curious.

    +rep btw :smoke:
  17. Did he say what island he lives on? Ive been to st. johns and st. thomas and both f-ing rock. The driving is a little crazy tho. Kind of like if they had multiplayer grand theft auto lol
  18. word up lol. they do have mulitplayer gta btw
  19. He said he lived on a small island with around 50,000 people called St Croix (Spelling?).
  20. never been there but im sure its sweet.

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