My Time Has Come.....

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  1. :( well boys if ya remember my earlier thread ( my court date is today, its such bs though, they havent even given my lawyer discovery yet and he has requested twice anyways i have my records of me passing the dt 2 days after the arrest as well previous records so im going to fight it at exactly 7 pm tonight eastern time. If i fight it and am found guilty im looking at up to 1000 fine which they would maximize if i lost probably as well as probation for 6 months which also costs like 700 dollars and possibly up to 3k in lawyer fees, so yea you could say shit SUCKS! atm but i havent been convicted guilty and like i said im going to fight it tonight. Wish me luck blades and hit an L or two for me, possibly a bong too yum, and if anyone actually cares ill check up on this thread tonight and if anyone wants to know the results of the case ill post it in this thread, peace.
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    I'd love to know how your trial goes. I'm tryin to be a defense attorney.

    Best of luck man. I'm pulling for you.
    I don't want to write a legal paper, but you should get off. Obvious 5th and 6th amendment violations in my opinion.
  3. Well good luck for tonight im gonna be taking hit soon after.
  4. yasher koach - be strong
  5. You already got a case for an appeal. Don't worry.

    Your rights don't need to be read to you if your not questioned.
  6. wow i didnt expect replies so fast, but thats awesome cause it really shows how much of a community gc really is(no homo srsly) so yea for anyone interested i will re update this thread with a post tonight at exactly 9 pm eastern time to let you guys know, the thread might get lost or outdated by all the new threads coming in so if you guys want you can bookmark it PEACE guys..:eek:
  7. Definitely looking for the results.
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    Now, in my opinion, yes, the officers asked him about committing the crime before arresting him, BUT you could absolutely make the argument that he was in police custodial custody at that time because there was no way for him to leave. This is very similar to the false imprisonment tort in the fact that there was no reasonable way for OP to leave the scene. Plus, the OP wasn't found with anything on him, so what prompted the questioning? a hunch. A hunch is not probable cause and this fact is spelled out by the SC.

    Also, check out the very recent, at least in our terms of our judicial system, Dickerson v. United States (2000)

    The Supreme Court loves Miranda.
  9. Hey man, what are the results? Or did you go to prison? (hope not)
  10. Thats some fucking bullshit, I would like to know the outcome of this situation
  11. hes not back, bad sign i guess lol.
  12. good luck with that man

    i feel your pain

    the law sucks

    it's no longer about justice
  13. his time came...

    is he dead?
  14. Dun Dun Dunnnn
  15. ya its not lookin good
  16. =( ummmm epic fail lol maybe tomorrow GC maybe tomorrow =:)smoking:
  17. were waitin' for ya...
  18. wait so if this guy did get sent to prison do they make you go right away or would he get to go home first?

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