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My throat is on fire :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theMAILmanK2, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. The past three times I've smoked about 15 minutes after finishing, my throat burns like it's on fire. I've been doing it out of a waterfall gravity bong and nothing seems to help it. I've tried water, soda, milk and ice cream and it still burns :(. Help please!
  2. Try not taking huge rips. From personal experience, using a waterfall GBong usually tends to give you the impression that you can take such a huge rip and it's going to be great, but that's not the case for amateurs, or people who are new to toking. I've been toking for well over 3 years now, and I don't have that side effect anymore, but when I was new I had it too. Instead of taking a huge rip, take a small one, maybe get a mouthful of smoke then inhale it, if you get what I'm saying. Sort of like smoking a cig. Don't try to clear the bottle, take it slow, and build up your tolerance and resilience to that feeling, and before too long you'll be just fine.
    I prefer joints though, but making a waterfall GBong is good too, I usually do it when I'm out of wraps or I'm in need of a quick fix.
    Keep toking! :smoking:
  3. Thanks for the advice man. The main reason why I've been clearing the gbong hits is because I'm trying to eliminate any and all smell because my mom was right upstairs awake :p. But I guess I could always cap the bottle with my fingers while blowing into my sploof.
  4. to give your throat a break smoke a blunt or joint and french inhale the whole time
  5. I was not new to smoking weed at the time where I took my first waterfall hit. I just took a standard water bottle. I was able to clear the whole thing without coughing or anything. Like what the other guy said, just take it gradually. Dont be afraid of taking smaller hits because if you do it gradually, eventually you will be able to clear the whole bottle like if it was just a normal hit.
  6. It will go away, the more you smoke. (usually)

    unless its schwagg..
  7. Try other methods. If you get desperate, fashion a bong out of homemade items (LOTS of posts about that around here, just search "homemade" or even use a coke can for a pipe (poke holes in the side with a fork or knife, make a dent for the bowl, turn it sideways, and breathe in through the mouth of the can). They're less harsh than a waterfall. Waterfalls are great and get you HIGH FAST, but they're the worst on lungs in my opinion.
  8. if you are using a sobe bottle one, then i bet this is killing you.
    if you are new to toking, i would cut it in half man.
    just suck in half. cover the waterfall hole and cover the mouthpiece.

    it wont hurt your lungs or anything.
  9. NEVER EVER use a can to smoke out of !!!!!

    its so bad for you! unless you like Alzheimer disease and cancer
  10. Yeah no pop cans. I would stay with your GBong, but like others have said keep the rips small for a while, just take a few more than you were. And always have a nice cold bottle of water to drink after a hit. Makes my throat feel much better after.
  11. have a drink while you toke. ill usually sip a gatorade or something after im done with my hit. really helps to cool my throat
  12. Just milk the grav bong half or even a quarter way if you're an amateur.
    It'll give you less smoke capacity for your lungs to handle.

    Meaning only let the water run down half-way down the bottle, then if you're using a waterfall, cap the hole, if you're using a grav bong, just stop the bottle in mid air.
  13. ive had a cough all day
    my friend insisted on a second blunt yesterday after a bunch of bong bowls.

  14. Get a different connection. Real smoke doesn't burn your throat no matter how large a hit you take.

    It's either brickweed, weed that's full of fertilizer chemicals, sprayed with insect or some other spray, contaminated with silica or sugar or a thousand other things.

    Seriously... either find some way to grow it yourself or find a connection through someone else who does. (unless of course you live in a state with dispensaries)

    I smoked various grades of weed for 20+ years before moving to CA and going on a steady diet of medical grade from dispensaries and there's a HUGE difference. None of this stuff will make your throat sore. Sorry.

    Better luck!
  15. Great advice.

    A small grav will save weed, and dish out the big hits. Try taking the hit slower, and not such large ones.
  16. Yeah man Gbongs can be pretty fucking rough, I used to always be short for money so I'd smoke the Gbongs to conserve weed, and it took some getting used to, but I would try using a bong just a legit bong, with a one hitter bowl to avoid the smell, it's smoother, and easier on the throat for sure.

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