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My throat is bothering me when i smoke, what do you think happened?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by h47hsh, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. these past couple of weeks, i've been smoking more than i usually do. but recently when i smoke my throat starts to hurt really quickly into the session, and i start to cough a lot. anyone have any clue what it is?
  2. probably an infection? do you get a lot of mucous build-up when you wake up?
  3. Common sense is screaming. He's saying take a week off from ripping.
  4. nah, no mucus build up when i wake up, just after i toke. @LCAshin, yeah i agree. i think that is the best bet, but I'm still curious as to what it is.
  5. uhm, your inhaling more smoke which means more irritation, which means more and faster upcoming sore throats. (that is only if you have a pussy for a throat ;))
  6. You started smoking more and now your throat hurts, I wonder why.

  7. yeah, but let me rephrase, it's mostly been vaping, with the occasional bong rip
  8. Throat hurts huh? You wanna know a good cure for that?

    Givin head...
  9. What do you smoke out of? Cooling the smoke could help.

  10. No you got it wrong...

    He should stop giving head. BAM PROBLEM SOLVED.
  11. @nosemonster good call, haven't really done that. mostly just pulling straight from the whip.
  12. Try running the whip through some ice water.
  13. vaporite, its a regular black box
  14. Drink 2 whole bottles of cough syrup, that should help
  15. yea this happens to me when i dont take breaks. Or its some really good dank, that also makes me cough alot
  16. we'll save robo-tripping for another time :ey:

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