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  1. well after some very long thinking after i smoked a blunt ,(((no offense))))
    i thought about the situation with gay marriage and legalization of it.
    I come to noticed how fucked up this world really is and how they would yet legalize gay marriage and not cannabis. They would rather say to there kids that being gay is fine and that cannabis is a drug and that its illegal
    . me personally would rather tell my kids to be a pot head..........again please take no offense to this
  2. No need to be sorry. It is legal to be racist and express your opinion in any way. I can go up to a black cop and say I hate blacks and he legaly cannon do anything about it, as long as I dont direct my words towards anyone.
  3. Personally I strongly disagree with gay marriage. Marriage is a word for man and women, if two guys want to get married and fuck, let them, but at least give it a different ceremony and not ruin the name of marriage, and keep them away from me and the hell OFF the TV.

    It all makes sense if you believe in the new world order. They want us all to be homosexual, which is quite logical, it would completely control the population. And we all know how much homosexuality is pushed in the media. I think there was just recently a thread about NWO and gay marriage in the box.
  4. its not about race color or creed its just they way we let this shit happen
    i say we because how did we miss that perfect opportunity to bring up both subjects at once.. Maybe we still got time
  5. Wow.

    I think I stumbled through an artificial wormhole and ended up on "".

    Of course, that's not a real site (I know, bummer for you guys. I got your hopes up, and dashed them so coldly), rather it's a commentary on how surprised I am to see such bigotted fucks on GC.

    The NWO wants us to be gay? That is hands down the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard. It's prejudice, it's ignorant, and moreover, it's psychotic.

    And equating the legalization of Cannabis to the inalienable right to sexual preference without any discrimination is like comparing your deranged NWO conspiracy theories to the law of gravity.
  6. Not letting 2 people be together is just as bad as not letting people smoke green.
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    I don't think the issue possesses an ounce of even-handedness.

    Depriving someone of their right to ingest what they see fit is a marginal offense in comparison to depriving someone their right to sexual preference, equal treatment, and relationship fulfilment through marriage or equivalently beneficial policy.

    It's just not on the same level. The illegalization of drugs, while constitutionally abhorrent, is not a policy of direct prejudice and active discrimination, such as the ban of gay marriage.
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    its theories like this that make people not believe in the truth (concerning the NWO), because people like you saying that the NWO wants us to be gay makes others discredit the whole theory (fact actually) thanks for spouting off your ignorance and straying people from the truth with your whacky ass correlation.

    edit- and you act like legalizing gay marriage will make people become gay or something.
  9. Firstly, cannabis IS a drug :rolleyes:
    Secondly, there is nothing at all hard about accepting cannabis AND gay rights. It's not an either-or situation... how hard is that to grasp?

    I don't normally say this because I try not to get worked up over stupid posts on a forum, but you are an idiot. I mean shit, there's nothing more to say. gtfo.
  10. i think it's fucked up that people have to vote on whether gays can marry or not.
    the entire situation is fucked up.

    and i really dont know how you can compare the legalization of gays marrying vs. the legalization of weed.

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