my thoughts on the downed chinook helicopter and it's passengers,

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chicken, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. i believe its a massive cover-up....

    how ironic it was the same seal team that killed osama bin laden,,,, whom we seen no pictures of his corpse,,,,

    i dont believe it was him they killed,,,,

    and now the ones who could tell the truth are also dead,,,,

    and the taliban force who '' did it'' are also dead,,,,

    thus closing that chapter of the book,,,,

    and now sony pictures are going to make a movie about the ordeal,,,, to be released right around election time,,,:rolleyes:

    this fucking manipulative government of ours was bad to start with,,,,

    and now obama,, has the reigns,,,,,,,,

    and the plot thickens,:cool:

    i dont believe it was hit with a r.p.g.

    i believe thier was a bomb on the helicopter,,,, them soldiers were doomed before the chinook got airbourne,,,
  2. Wait did all of the team that got osama die?
  3. Damn Chicken........

    As much as I trust this guberment you may be on to something.

    I went to Iraq in 05-06. Quickly figured out that these wars are nothing more than money machines. This incident, along with closing that chapter also rally's the troops so we can continue these bullshit wars.

    Im not sure if Im making much sense....wake n bake
  4. You'll never know. The guys who conducted the raid would never talk about it. So even if the families realease the names of the dead they wouldn't know if they took part in the raid.

    But SEAL team 6 is not gone.
  5. seal team six, followed orders by the cee eye eh, who instructed them on shooting bin laden as oppose to keep him alive so he can sing in courts. you never know who had ties to him
    now the cee eye eh are cleaning house, probably promised those fools (seal team six) something they wanted, like promotion or more power or what ever.
    serves them right.
    all this big corrupted machine is gonna end it self ironically.
    history will repeat it self.

    "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun
  6. Team 6 went in and did a job, as they were ordered. military members do not need to be promised anything to do their jobs.
    If the CIA managed to convince their superiors to have them tasked for the job, they got tasked for the job. Agents very rarely have direct access to team members unless they are relaying data pertinent on how to accomplish tasking.
    In other words, the CIA are not in the Navy chain of command.
    The very fact that you are so ignorant of how the military operates removes the validity of your argument.
    By your logic me being a cripple serves me right for allowing the Navy doctors to operate on my knees.
  7. Why make a new thread, everyone in the main downed helicopter thread shared their "thoughts" without making new threads.

  8. but none of them discuss a conspiracy as i have have brought to others attention,,,:cool:
  9. I suppose that is why I responded, if the conspiracy theories are not in the helicopter thread, then they are in the bin laden thread. But its cool, I was just asking why this warranted a new thread, you are free to do what you want, but really the downed helicopter thread, and the bin laden thread could be merged at this point, as they all are tying these ideas together.
  10. But it wasn't...
  11. ^ how do you know?
  12. It was a different team on a different mission in a different area. This has been covered over and over and over and fucking over. You tinfoil hat nutjobs need to learn to do a little bit of research.
  13. ya, pretty sure it was made known real early on this was NOT the same team, but, sadly, apart of the same group
  14. ^doesn't it feel cool to just come in and shut a thread down?
  15. SEAL team 6 has 200 members in it. The group that hit OBL wasn't part of the rescue mission that was shot down.
  16. Yeah it was the same team, but not the same guys that took osama out (supposedly ;))

    The pentagon released the identities of the fallen.
  17. The high ranking officials of these two departments are in same group. Panetta today is Secretary of Defense, yesterday he was the Chief of the CIA. So only with a word, they did what they want to do.

    My condolence to those who thought they were working for the US. Even they thought they were the elites of that country.
  18. Taskings are generally done well below the level of SecDef. At that level it's less specific. Seriously.
    This is one of those cases of where being a civilian and only having known what you see in the movies and TV makes you talk out of the wrong end of your digestive tract.
  19. All the people that supposedly killed Osama already died when their copter got shot down anyway.
  20. ^sorry boss, different group of people.
    Same team, different folks

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